Mobile Education App


Modern education has certainly come a long way. Today, technology plays an important role in the imparting of education. Across the globe, the education system has undergone a dramatic change in the last couple of years. With the growth in digital technology, online learning and digital education have been defining the future course of the education system. One of the key drivers of this astounding transformation is the deployment of educational mobile app that has found its way to become an integral part of the learning process. Maxtra’s established capabilities in mobile development solutions will deliver advanced mobile education app that is learning intensive, interactive and fun at the same time for your students.

Maxtra - building learning and development through mobile education apps

As a front-runner in mobile app development, Maxtra’s in-house of developers understand the nuances of the education system, and offer customized and cost-effective solutions that meet your e-learning business needs. Our mobile education app has the optimum features that will surpass your user expectations. Our learning apps are not only architecturally robust solution but have a supportive database that helps for regular updates too. It is the best time to take advantage of technology and impetus to your education endeavours with a comprehensive mobile education app solution.

Features of mobile education app solution from Maxtra

Learning can be transformed into a joyful activity when the education app is attractive, interactive and aids thinking and understanding amount users. Maxtra’s solution encompasses the following features in the developed mobile education app solution.

  • We provide education app for a gamut of educational needs – language learning, kids education, school learning, specialized learning for competitive exams and test prep apps
  • Best mobile education apps to cater to the needs to faculty, students and parents, and enable enhanced learning both at school and home
  • Top-notch design and appearance for an appealing user interface
  • Easy login for users with dashboard feature to personalize based on user preferences
  • Interactive content that makes learning easy, fun and interesting too
  • Our app it tested for user understanding to enhance features and functionalities based on user needs
  • Periodic review of the app to provide necessary updates at regularly
  • Emphasis given to all modules – syllabus, study materials for learning lessons, assignments and downloads
  • Push notifications to keep user informed about the upgrades
  • Social media connectivity for promoting your app on various social channels
  • Messaging functionality for communication between faculty members and students

The advantage your e-learning business would gain with Maxtra’s solution

Tap the growing online education market

With the increased adoption of smartphones, take your business to the next level with a mobile education app

Better management of the syllabus and the education process

Improved participation and performance of the students

Be a part of the future of education system with mobile education app from Maxtra