Ethereum Development

Ethereum - for decentralized applications!!

We at Maxtra, can make your processes more powerful, secure and increase its efficiency by developing your applications based on Ethereum platform. Our skilled Ethereum developers have the requisite expertise for developing path-breaking Ethereum distributed apps for your business giving you the advantage of next-generation decentralized Ethereum apps.

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What is Ethereum?

Ethereum development is the newest technology in the digital world creating waves with its decentralized approach. Based on blockchain technology, Ethereum development is an open source software platform. It replaces the client-server concept with "nodes". These are thousands of volunteers distributed across the globe transforming the whole network into a universal computer. Ethereum app development aims at providing the same functionality as a conventional client-server system and also provide for the easy access to information but in a decentralized way.

Why do businesses need Ethereum App Development?

Today’s businesses run on multiple and complex applications than ever before. These applications need to be accessible, fast and cannot suffer any downtime. Besides, the need to protect these applications from potential hacking attacks or any fraudulent activities is of paramount importance. Ethereum platform aims to provide the same – a shared platform which is flexible yet secure to protect your business from any online attacks. The advantage of Ethereum apps to businesses can be of one or more reasons

  • All your business applications can be developed on one single platform – Ethereum platform
  • Cost of Ethereum application development is low.
  • It integrates well with your existing applications
  • Ethereum distributed apps increase process efficiency and lower your operational costs

Benefits of Ethereum application development

  • Immutable: No third party can make any changes to the data.
  • Decentralized: Since the program code of Ethereum development run on blockchain network, no person or entity – legal or federal can actually exercise control over them the decentralized apps.
  • Secure and failure-proof: As there is no central authority exercising control, the Ethereum apps are protected from hacking or any fraudulent activities.
  • No downtime: On an Ethereum platform, the decentralized apps do not face any downtime or do not switch off.

Where can Ethereum Apps be used?

  • Develop and deploy decentralized applications
  • It can be used to build smart contracts – contracts that are self-executing when specific conditions are met.
  • Any centralized service can be decentralized using Ethereum platform. From home loans to registration, banking to real estate and insurance – all centralized services can be decentralized.
  • Ethereum development of decentralized applications can be deployed for a wide range of industries and services.

Why choose Maxtra for Ethereum app development?

Maxtra is committed to harnessing the potential of emerging technologies like Ethereum development. We have a dedicated team of skilled Ethereum developers for solution and application development based on blockchain technology. With our Ethereum development services, we

  • Specialize in developing smart contracts based on Ethereum platform
  • Expertise in developing Ethereum wallet apps
  • Understand your business requirements, and thoroughly align them with our technical capabilities.
  • Execute the projects within the defined timeframe.
  • Alert to the technological trends in innovative technologies like blockchain development, and constantly upgrade our skills from time-to-time.
  • Assure you complete management and execution of the project.