General Service Booking


The fast-paced busy urban life could get chaotic at times when you fail to find people who can attend to your daily needs. An electrical snag, a broken pipe or a cupboard at your home which needs professional intervention becomes an ordeal upsetting your daily life when you are unable to find reliable professionals such as electricians, plumbers or carpenters to help you resolve them. Today, we have many agencies working towards connecting local service vendors with customers who are in need for such services. If you are a business entity engaged in providing local services such as electrical, plumbing, carpentry, landscaping services etc., you may take your business online and tap more customers with a well-designed mobile app for all the general services that you provide.

Maxtra – making a difference to your local services business

With a keen eye to the urban customer needs, at Maxtra, we help you build your mobile marketplace for online services. We design and develop mobile app solutions that cover a wide gamut of local services required in an urban setup. From home services such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, landscaping to event-based and other professional services such as event planners, wedding planners, caterers, photographers, make-up artists, floral decorators, interior designers etc., we cover it all. Our team of skillful developers is able to visual the customer needs and develop a mobile app solution that helps you tap more customers for better engagement with them.

Features of our general services app

  • Engaging features keeping in mind the wide range of local services that your business provides
  • Easy access to regularly used features for customer convenience
  • Provide for push notifications for constant activity and customer engagement
  • Design a clutter-free, easy-to-use, simple yet attractive navigation tool
  • Enable personalization of the app by the customers with customizable options
  • Provide for easy and hassle-free registration process
  • Promote your app usability with social media connectivity options
  • Features to track users’ activities in order to improve customer experience

Benefits you draw from our general services app

All your services made easily accessible in a simple yet attractive app

Improve customer engagement and enhance customer experience

Better tracking of users’ activities in order to improve the services

Enhance the online presence of your business on various social media channels

Achieve greater reach and increased leads through the app

Customize your services based on user-preferences

Maxtra – helping you reach more customers with a well-designed general services mobile app