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Hyperledger for scalability, confidentiality and flexibility of Apps

Created by the California based Linux foundation in the year 2015, Hyperledger provides the tools, framework and the guidelines necessary to develop various blockchain-based systems and applications. Hyperledger is a project and not an organization or a cryptocurrency. It provides the necessary infrastructure and guidelines for businesses developing blockchain based systems and decentralized applications for business use. The main aim of setting up of Hyperledger project was to foster collaboration among the businesses by deploying various blockchain based solutions and processes and improve business processes significantly. Initially, the project took off with only 10 member companies, and today there are more than 100 member companies working towards improving business operations based on the set standards.

Advantages of Hyperledger

Hyperledger Fabric is one of the popular projects on blockchain within HyperLedger. Smart contracts and ledgers are at the core of Hyperledger Fabric. Here, participants manager their transactions. Distributed ledger which is central to the blockchain network where the record of transactions are maintained is at the core of Hyperledger Fabric. Some of the advantags of development in Hperledger is

  • As a platform based on distributed ledger, Hyperledger Fabric deliver high-degrees of confidentiality, scalability and flexibility to the applications development.
  • Rather than have a single blockchain standard, it aims at fostering the collaborative approach for the development of blockchain technologies.

Why Maxtra?

The team of skilled developers at Maxtra are well-equipped to develop blockchain based decentralized applications on HyperLedger platform. We understand your requirements better and provide you with solutions based on cutting-edge technologies.