Document Management System

Maintaining records is a critical aspect of any business organisation. With technology putting an end to the tiresome and expensive task of maintaining and storing records manually, documents management system is surely a necessity.

Maxtra offers, sophisticated and customisable Documents Management system that can be implemented in any business structure irrespective of its size.

Document Management System

The seamless integration by Maxtra, of the internal processes of a company and implementing DMS, is beyond excellence. Our software works like magic to scan, organise, store and manage all the documents in the organisation with complete security even at multi-user level.

Our expert document management system offers you:

  • Form Designing
  • Document and Layout Template and editor
  • Document Import
  • Automatic Document classification
  • Image preprocessing
  • Data and text Extraction
  • Automatic Validation of Data

Digital Business Platform

Establishing a digital business requires a digital business platform, and Maxtra delivers you value added business solutions that inspire growth.

Reimagine, Redesign and Reinvent your business with digitised dimensions that cover every aspect of business development.

Maxtra has a core team of IT experts that will provide you uncompromised and customised software solution to enable your business digitally.

Innovation that takes you to the future, innovation that drives success and innovation that serves as a strong foundation is all here, capture it now!

Makes Business Flow

To make a successful business plan, it requires a unified flow, from and across all channels and verticals. Use of information technology to create this seamless integration is our aim.

We expertise in developing IT business-flow that is exclusively crafted to meet your unique business plan.

At Maxtra, we understand your requirements, take heed of your suggestions and advice you in best interest.

Our business solutions are capable of withstanding your project expansion or diversion and all future needs. We keep them updated with our services, to provide you with best business flow process and most reliable business solution.