Internet of Things

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The world is in your now palm. In this connected world, it is possible to interact with the physical devices in your surroundings and control them effortlessly with the tap of a mobile app alone. You can enable the physical devices around you to communicate with each other, exchange data and take decisions intelligently on their own. Welcome to the world of the Internet of things – the future of a smart living.

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Smarter living begins here – Intelligent devices with IoT solutions

In the internet era, smarter living stems from the need to tackle day-to-day home and workplace problems. As a promising service provider of IoT solutions, we make your homes and workplaces smarter. We enable your physical devices with intelligence and make them smart devices. Our IoT solutions cover an array of things including machinery, automobiles, devices, gadgets, electronic home appliances etc. to interact and collaborate with each other including with humans efficiently and perform tasks intelligently.

Define Goals

To begin with, we define the goals to be achieved with the IoT solution we develop. A well-defined goal statement is instrumental to the success of any IoT solution. We identify the key problems, the expected outcomes or goals to be achieved and lay down the key success metrics to evaluate the solution.

Identify Devices

Our expertise is perfectly in sync with the challenges of implementing IoT solutions. Hence, we identify and meticulously analyze the hardware equipment, devices and other machinery likely to be a part of IoT solutions. Our approach involves working with the existing devices and develop a comprehensive plan to have these devices on the connected solution.


Data is central to any IoT architecture. The architectural design of our IoT solution takes into account the physical layer which consists of sensors; the network layer consisting of network devices and the servers, and the application layer where the solution is deployed. Here we ensure the solution provides the specific services to the users of the devices.


As with any enterprise solution, at the development phase, we ensure the IoT solution integrates with your existing enterprise systems. As security is very critical, our solutions are based on the best security practices that integrate tightly with existing infrastructure too.

Solution Testing

When once the IoT solution is built, we test and implement the solution to check for any problems and issues as against the key metrics in the live environment. Stringent quality checks also happen in parallel throughout the development stage to deliver the solutions as per the initial goals.

Monitor and Support

On implementation of the IoT application, we ensure thorough monitoring and support for the smooth operations of the devices in the system.


A smart office or a home is now a reality. We make it happen with our niche expertise in the area of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Providing you with the smart, scalable, sustainable and reliable solutions we help your organization move to the next level of growth.

Our developers have proven expertise in the field of IoT to develop solutions that enable smarter workplaces and homes. We develop solutions based on the devices in your IT system and enable them to become smarter devices which you could control with just a mobile app.

Our solutions are developed on the standard and popular platforms to ensure our apps are robust and efficient. We customize our solutions based on your business needs and challenges and provide support services thereafter for the smooth functioning of the solution.

Key Components of IoT (Internet of Things)

Sensors/ Actuators

Sensors and actuators are wireless things and they are in a network. They collect data from the device and convert into useful data.


This is where the application logic and data is stored too. Gateways connect your things or devices to the internet and enable communication with each other over different communication protocols. Gateways make your devices smarter by providing the necessary resources.

Mobile Devices

Communication protocols enable to identify any mobile devices in the network and assign an IP address which is essential for communication among devices on the internet.

The Cloud

It is the central hub for the all the devices in the network. The cloud resources will enable data processing and analytics of the data received from gateways. The processed data will eventually enable your devices to act smartly.

IoT Application

With the IoT application, you are able to communicate with the devices and send instructions to perform specific tasks to them. While all the task requests are processed in the cloud which is later sent back to the devices to perform, the beauty of the IoT application is you can control all these activities from any location.