Mobile Wallet Solution


Ease of payment through a secure mode is everyone’s priority these days. Especially, if you are running a business regardless of big or small, faster transactions will help your business run smoothly. And from customers’ perspective, fat wallets with multiple credit and debit cards could give a nightmare to anyone about their security. They are prone to get misplaced, lost, stolen and eventually misused too. But, not anymore! With digital wallets also known as mobile wallets, there is a growing acceptance for such more of payment both by the customers and merchant establishments. Mobile wallets are undeniably the future of payment option.

What is a mobile wallet?

To put it simple, it is an app on your mobile which stores information about your credit card/ debit card/ club memberships/ reward cards etc. You could use any compatible device such as your smartphones, smartwatches, or a tablet to make payments for purchases online or use it at merchant establishments too. As the word suggests, it is a digital format of your physical wallet which you could use for making payments for goods and services by using your smartphones, smartwatches or a tablet. In addition to the freedom from carrying multiple cards, the convenience it offers during payments is slowly helping mobile wallets adoption by customers and businesses too.

At Maxtra, our mobile wallet solutions

  • Built for mobile platforms are compatible with other devices such as smartwatches and tablets.
  • Develop solutions in accordance with your business needs
  • Cater to both Android and iOS platforms
  • Provide for quick and easy accessibility to payment options
  • Ensure simplicity of use with user-friendly features
  • Secure payment card information when uploaded to the mobile wallet, by encrypting it rendering utmost security

How can your business get benefitted from mobile wallet apps?

If you are a business owner, big or small, enjoy the benefits of this new digital payment trend

Boost your business with the new and updated digital payment technology – mobile wallets

Control long queues with quick transactions on mobile wallets

Provide for convenience and ease of shopping to your customers who shop online through their smartphones or at your outlets

Enable easy, simple and quick digital payment option for your customers

Offer faster transaction experiences to your customers

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