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Most of the Business and brand owners have a lot of options when it comes to marketing their brands or business. Lot of options cost little more than time and some are still reasonably priced even if it's outsourced. If you are searching for a trusted PPC advertising service provider? Well then Hello you are at the right place! At Maxtra Technologies, we provide the one of the best and effective PPC advertising service.

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PPC Management Services

PPC advertising will give you a prospect to pay for one of the top positions on the search engines and seem related to partner websites. PPC marketing delivers immediate traffic and offers you with many ways to counterpart existing SEO strategies by business models, testing keywords, and marketplace verticals, well it allows you to develop any SEO plans armed with facts and overall Internet marketing strategy and not any expectations. We offer a well-planned strategy for your business by rendering your Pay per click services with an assurance to drive maximum traffic to your website.


Search Marketing

We focus on identifying the poor-performing phrases and eliminate them. After that, we identify new high-performing phrases for running ads on Google and Bing.


We help in increasing your business leads with a targeted strategy which will be directly based on the user behavior. We will show the ads to the right user at the right time.

Display Advertising

We target the best audience for your business by using geographic and contextual targeting. We also recapture your lost customers for remarketing of your product.

Social Media Advertising

We have the core capability to target the right audience on all major social platforms. We always run effective ads on social media to get maximum profit for your business.

Mobile Advertising

We always understand the mobile usage behavior first and then we run ad campaigns for your business. We also do the remarketing of your product on mobile and other devices as well.

Conversion Optimization

We perform many tasks like heuristic analysis, functional testing, user testing, landing page optimization to get better conversion rates while running ads.

Our Pay Per Click Services

PPC landing page creation

Identifying popular keywords

Maximum return on investment

Improved paid traffic

High leads & Sales

Executing proper PPC Strategy

Campaign report management

Bid Management