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With Our level of expertise, we can easily make your brand or business a popular one on various social media platform. Our team has worked with various clients across the world and we have accomplished our client’s goals and have completed more than 100 projects till now. If you want your goals to come true and need to build a brand or business identity of your own, then we can make it happen.

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Is SMM necessary for your business?

Recently, Social media marketing has become one of the most powerful marketing strategies for brands and businesses. This helps brands and businesses of all size to reach its prospectus and customers in a very efficient way. Most of your customers are already interacting with the brand and business through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and many more.

Increasing Traffic

Our marketing and advertisement strategy is far better than others, we will ensure that we give our 100%. It is guaranteed that there will be an increase in the traffic.

Brand Awareness

Social Media Marketing is one of the best technique to increase your brand awareness or online visibility. It helps to engage the users and getting much more likes & share on social media page.

Improve Sales

Our SMM service will ensure a growth in your sales. We will develop an cost-effective social media marketing strategies which helps to increase sales & achieve your business goal.

Cost Effective

Cost efficient and a budget marketing strategy is Social Media Marketing. It will ensure good results in a cost-effective way.
Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources.

Why Choose Us?

We at Maxtra Technologies Offer a wide variety of SMM services, no matter the size of the business or brand. We focus on the things that are best for our clients and meet their specific needs. Our main focus will be on social media platform ensuring maximum incoming social referral traffic in order to get the best out of it and in the meantime increase the sales of the brand or business. Our strategies are the best which will lead in attracting the target audience and a dramatic increase in the revenue of the brand or business.

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Facebook Marketing

Over the past decade, Facebook has grown massively having 1.6 billion active users monthly. If you have a business then you have to take the full advantage of this huge audience. A Facebook page is just like your second website. It offers a direct way to interact with your customers and let them learn about your business. Facebook is now grown into a most powerful and effective marketing tool for many small to large businesses.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube has become the number one place for sharing and creating video content, and it is also an unbelievably influential SMM tool. Many businesses are creating and some are trying to create video content with the sole aim of having their video to “go viral,” but in reality the chances of a video going viral is pretty slim. Youtube is the way of gaining the billions of crazy fans who could be your future customers. Youtube is a prime real estate to take your business to new milestones by showcase your products through videos.

Linkedin Marketing

Number of companies have realized that, When its done right, Social media can be a powerful tool for driving sales. LinkedIn excels as a B2B networking tool, it helps in creating awareness of your brand. With our help, you can target decision makers based on the size of their company, or based on their interest. LinkedIn has a large number of advertising options available on their platform, but we only focus on those that are most effective for your business.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter has become the SMM gizmo that lets you show your updates across the web and help you reach around the world. Twitter is one of the most popular social network, We focus on creating a positive image of your business among the followers. We Believe that right campaign on Twitter is very beneficial and will lead to numerous clients. Brands using our Twitter marketing service have seen their increase in communication and traffic. As we all know, Twitter is one of the fastest growing platform so every business must focus on Twitter marketing as well.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has become one of the firmest growing SMM trends. Pinterest is ideal for retail as it’s an image-centered platform, but anybody can take advantage of using Pinterest for sales-driving ads and SMM purposes. We utilize the insights observed from the analytics to create an optimal Pinterest marketing campaign. Our Social media experts will work for you to develop original and effective content to maximize your social media referral traffic to your website.

Google+ Marketing

On Google+ you can share and upload videos, photos, links, and also view all your +1s. It is the most famous social network created by the most popular search engine, Google+ not only help you to connect with your audience easily, but it also helps you in gaining the attention across the world. This is a platform which is consistently growing and evolving. Google+ also helps in driving traffic to your website drastically.