Sports App Solution


One of the fastest growing apps in the recent times is the sports app. Their popularity is increasing so much that they are the second fastest growing in the app category after social and messaging apps. From everything related to sports like latest news, updates, live-streams, statistics, to games and their schedules – all possible information from the realm of the sports world is now available on the smartphone. Many entrepreneurs are vying for a pie of this attractive industry. If you are a sports fanatic with an entrepreneurial streak, Maxtra has the right solution for you – sports app.

Maxtra – helping you in developing the hottest sports app

At Maxtra, we specialize in developing both the types of sports app – generic sports app covering information and news about all the sports, and sports apps focused on the specific sport. We provide solutions for Andriod and iOS platforms including Apple Watch. If you would like to tab the immense opportunities in the sports industry or you have fantastic sports app idea, get in touch with us – we will help you build the best sports app. Our experience with a portfolio of mobile app development along with our technical expertise in the field, we will successfully build your sports app and reinforce the image of your brand.

Features of the sports app

  • Provides all the basic features of a sports app such as latest news, score updates, live streams and highlights
  • Extensive personalization enabling the user enjoy preferred alerts based on the choices
  • Provides for features such as instant notifications, real-time score updates, performance stats and latest news from the sports world
  • With community features such as comments, chat rooms, discussions etc, users may interact with each other
  • Users may personalization the app based on their preferences, favourite team or sport, and location in order to enjoy custom-made experiences with the app

Why the sports app from Maxtra is cut above the rest?

Easy-to-read format giving more information within the limited screen size.

You can now build your brand image with a complementing sports app and establish better customer engagement

You can make the app and its experience interesting with innovative chatbot feature to give live score updates and sharing interesting pieces of news with the users

Easy sharing of news and images with your social networks on social platforms such as Facebook & Whatsapp

Maxtra – helping you build an enviable sports app. Are you game for it?