Movie and event ticket booking can be easy and be a lot more interesting than ever before. Gone are the days of standing in the long queues to buy the tickets for the latest release of the favourite star. Online ticket booking has made booking tickets for the movies or concerts or shows as the touch of an icon on your mobile screen. With these mobile apps you may check and book for your favourite show in the listed cities. These apps not only help you book and buy the tickets online, they also provide a whole lot of information related to entertainment such as show timings, movie reviews, theatre lists, news updates etc. Ticket booking apps for mobiles are extremely easy, fun and an exciting way to book your tickets online effortlessly.

Maxtra – making online ticket booking and management an effortless show

Get a facelift to your entertainment business with online ticket booking app. Maxtra’s proven expertise in mobile technology will help you manage your ticketing, seat allocation, and enable better management with our online ticket booking mobile app solution. Let people enjoy the convenience of online booking of their favourite movie or show anytime anywhere while experiencing features such as in-app messaging, social sharing, reviews, storyline, cast and other important details related to the movie, concert or play.

Features of our online ticket booking app for mobiles

  • One-stop-shop for all the ticketing needs
  • We develop app solution for both Android an iOS platforms
  • Entertainment details for different cities based on location data
  • Movie booking apart, our online ticket booking solutions provide for other genre of entertainment such as plays, music concerts, live shows and T20 match bookings too.
  • Provide for social media sharing for your users to share the booking details
  • Provision for user generated content (UGC) such as discussions and comments
  • In-app messaging features to enable messaging among users in real time
  • Multiple payment modes with secure payment options.
  • Push notifications to give the latest and updated news and information

App benefits for business entities

The back-end admin panel with sophisticated features will enable you to

Handle and change booking settings

Manage ticket reservations better; no room for double booking

Add movies, shows, concerts, play etc

Provide for graphic images of seat maps

Better control of your entertainment business

Entertainment gets Exciting with Online Ticket Booking App from Maxtra