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Designs to create Superior User Experience!!

The user interface is at the heart of any design principle. At Maxtra, our design guidelines emphasize designs that are clutter-free and user-friendly. Our effective user interface designs exude clarity, consistency, familiarity and enable high responsiveness from your users.

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Transforming your Idea into an Interactive User Interface

Creating an impressive user interface is like crafting a beautiful story. We anticipate your customer needs and envision a design that best translates into a good user interface.

At Maxtra, we aim at developing user interfaces that are simple yet interactive. Our designs are based on a complete understanding of your ideas and a thorough research on your user needs. The applications we design are compatible with all user devices, highly scalable and efficient in performance to impress and engage your users.

Our Portfolio

Initial Research & Analysis

Our UX process begins with information gathering and analyzing them to build user personas representing user goals, their needs, and interests

Information Architecture

In order to facilitate users find easily what they are seeking, we create scenario maps – a structure for data flow based on what user is seeking and their personas.


These are black and white layouts of your website. They create a concrete visual process to your website and form the foundation for creative designing.


With prototypes, we test the products (and ideas) to resolve any usability issues and check for any areas of improvement before it is built.
User Interface Design

User Interface, Visual Design

Our user interface designing aligns with the user personas to create designs that are easy to understand and perform the requisite actions by the users.
UI Microinteractions

Design Validation

We analyze the first version using analytic tools to track usability and interaction followed by recommendations and design validation.

Strong UX Knowledge for Better UI

A strong UX knowledge is very essential for designing a great UI design. Our web designers are qualified, experienced and exceptionally skilled. We go that extra mile to understand the users’ needs and the business’s goals. Our commitment to developing designs that are easy on users and impress them is evident in the relevant UI elements that we incorporate in our designs. We aim at increasing your brand loyalty with our designs.

Experience powers Expertise

At Maxtra, we have a vast experience in creating highly interactive user experience designs for diverse projects, markets, and requirements. Do let us know yours.

Your Ideas; our Efforts

Share your ideas and thoughts with us. We’ll get cracking – our designers adept in their craft will weave magic with their designs that will help you impress your customers.

Designs to Delight

Our focus is firmly etched on user-friendly designing, and with the objective to delight your customers. We design interfaces that reflect our thorough understanding your customer needs.

Support Services Guaranteed

From idea conceptualization to the final design, our support services cover it all. With our unmatched services, we ensure we cover every aspect of the designing process and support your business growth


Our design focus is based on anticipating user needs and providing befitting solutions in terms of features in the design. We do not go overboard with our designs and develop user interfaces that are simple, clear and clutter-free. We thoroughly understand the requirements of your business specific to your industry and develop UI solutions that motivate user responsiveness and enable great user experiences too.

Having rich experience of working in different domains, our developers keep themselves updated with the technological developments in this space. With our creative and imaginative minds and strongly supported by our technical expertise, we are able to deliver designs beyond your expectations but within your budget and timelines.