Top 5 Mistakes in Making a Mock-up Design of App

Creating a decent UX is not an easy feat for a brand new App. So many things have to be taken into consideration and all of them influence the conversion rate, make or break the app directly. You need to make sure that you develop a new program, and before you deliver it, is that customers know what to expect and how to use it. 

In the current market with overcrowded applications in both the Play Store and AppStore, you’ve got to do whatever you can to stand out. A good UX can only help. This article would discuss some frequently made errors made by UX programmers during the creation of a new mobile app.

Less emphasis on the onboarding experience

Often you create an entirely new approach to a dilemma that people didn’t really know about. If you do it right, this is a golden ticket. But look out for something fresh and unfamiliar that are being developed and you will have to show people the well you can use your software if you want the users to like it. 

Building a decent tutorial can be challenging – but don’t force too many details about it immediately and you want to tell the customers about the software. As a UX builder, you must lead the users through the software, educate them to first use the core features and then everything else. Although a mobile app development company or a web design company India can help you enhance the onboarding experience.

Overlooking audience feedback

This could be the worst mistake you may make in all. Designers often get in the pit of believing they know what their projects are best for. Pushing the design on the consumers at all costs does not only hurt but can destroy the product entirely. Note, even though you build the app, the consumers are the most important, so they can only know whether or not anything needs a revision. 

A strong UX designer still takes the customer input into consideration. Certain designs might look good on paper but are not good for the app. The planners are generally unaware when this occurs, so they enforce this design. A web design company India can culminate user feedback from various sources and help you in building a high-quality mobile app.

Integrating irrelevant features

The functionality to build several unrelated or linked functions is easy to fall into and place side-by-side in the app. But look again from the point of view of a customer. There are so many functions that the user can overpower. This can be frustrating, and if you first use the app, you can opt for an alternative. 

Concentrate more on improving the app’s key functionality. Emphasize, refine, make both the concept and the functionality perform perfectly. You can only then start extending the software to incorporate other functions. A mobile app development company can help you in integrating useful features in your mobile and a web design company India can add the finishing UI touches.

Overlooking the basic architecture

You cannot anticipate how the app is to be used when developing a brand new app. UX programmers or a mobile app development company must build a valid app flow, or it may be too difficult to manage. That’s a key move. So, start from the ground up to create a nice architecture for your app. Dream of the users’ first page. 

Please remember all the other windows. Link, validate and test various ideas, ensure that though you use an individual totally unlinked from the software, the design holds. If the simple architecture is successful and the software fixes the dilemma, which it claims to fix, other errors are much easier to forgive.

Overlooking UI inconsistencies

We realize that this means to take away any artistic independence from artists, but how, on the other hand, can you know what is the symbol for your users? The “share” button symbol, three linked points, is common to you. A mobile app development company can integrate standard buttons and symbols to enhance the usability of your mobile app.

This is an easy, efficient and user-friendly icon. If you opt to redesign the sharing button for some reason, make sure you create a lot of chaos in the process, because your style could be entirely different to one already known to users. This relates well to a different aspect – there should be a learning curve in the submission. Your app must be easy to use to attract and maintain users.


A web design company India can provide consumers with a common experience by using modules that have already been integrated into devices and prevent input errors. By avoiding the above errors, you can be assured that your app is of high quality and meets high-quality standards.

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