Digital Marketing

Get your business noticed online with targeted and effective digital marketing activities from Maxtra. We enable your business to achieve better visibility online with increased traffic to your website and realize higher sales conversion.

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Digital Marketing

Creating the right path to connect and convince your customers is one the most crucial factors of business success. Any marketing activity should aim at reaching and convincing more customers about your products and services and motivate them to buy. In today’s modern world, the best way to reach your customers is through the internet. And, digital marketing is the right step you take to do just the same – reach, convince and care for your customers and their needs.

As a leading company involved in software development, we, at Maxtra, understand well the dynamics of the digital space. We excel in our expertise in harnessing the advantages of the modern technologies along with our valuable marketing insights to provide digital marketing services that help you grow your products or services grow incredibly.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website; enjoy versatile results. Make your website valuable for search engines by targeting the right keywords. Draw direct traffic from the search engines and manage brand reputation. At Maxtra, our SEO activities will not only help you drive relevant traffic to your website but also help in boosting conversion rates – one of the most visible benefits of SEO activities.


The initial analysis by our SEO experts will enable us to outline the goals, areas of attention and action plan.


We undertake a thorough study of competitor SEO activities to draw valuable insights for our SEO strategy.


We optimize the individual web pages for specific keywords and make it easy for both search engines and visitors.


By building valuable backlinks to the website content, we improve your website’s ranking in search engine results


We report tangible results of our efforts giving a comprehensive view of SEO performance and competitive SEO analyses


We periodically re-assess our SEO process; infuse elements of improvement or change into the process and better it


Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Considered to be a subset of Social Media Management (SMM), SMO helps you optimize your website and pages for social media marketing (SMM). With social media widgets and social media buttons, we enable easy sharing among your viewers on their social networks. Our SMO activities ensure we help you increase your social media footprint.

Competition Analysis

Thorough monitoring of your competitors/'/s social media channels will enable us to understand their social media strategies, choice of social platforms, and their engagement with the audience using content and messaging activities. Using various social media tools, we analyze your competitors and determine the best social media plan for your website.

Social Media Strategy

Building awareness among your audience and creating engagement with them on social media platforms, we draw an effective social media strategy for social media goals and objectives, target audiences, the approach and its implementations. The success of your SMM is based on how you understand your customer needs.

Social Platforms Management

We effectively manage diverse social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, and Pinterest. In addition to creating and maintaining content for these channels, we aim at building trust and enhancing the brand value of your website. With useful posts, videos, content, pictures etc. we manage your social platforms effectively.

Social Media Content Calendar

Content is central to social media marketing. Content that connects with the target audience is successful in creating engagement with them. We create a well-planned and detailed social media content calendar depicting the content related activities and posts scheduled for days in accordance with the social media platforms and the goals.

Social Media Contests

One of the best ways to obtain user-generated content (UGC) is to develop social media contests for your social channels. The contests that we develop and implement will encourage your audience to participate and initiate an active engagement with them on the relevant social media platforms. We create innovative contests for both B2B and B2C markets.

Social Media Marketing Campaign

You could achieve remarkable outcomes regarding focus, responses and measurability using social media campaigns. At Maxtra, we specialize in building social media campaigns for your business goals for one or more social media platforms. With discrete and defined goals, our campaigns are built to be effective.

Content Creation and Distribution

Social media content should be relevant to the target audience and the platform. Our social media content strategy aims at creating a positive impression on your target audience and encourages engagement with your brand. With our proven expertise, we create the right content and distribute on the right platform at the right time.

Social Media Audit

Evaluate the effectiveness of your social media marketing techniques with social media audit services and strengthen your online presence. Our team of experts specializes in performing social media audits to help you with insights on the effectiveness of the techniques against the set goals, and enable you to plan better your future campaigns.



Support your paid search marketing initiative with our focused campaigns and drive instant traffic and higher conversion rates


Enhance brand exposure and create awareness for your brand with targeted display campaigns and increase conversions


Focus on the audience, create customer journeys and encourage them to make a purchase with paid social media advertising


Effective remarketing techniques will help you use your ad budget optimally by re-engaging with your prospective customers


Enjoy a higher click-through rate (CTR) while we manage your shopping ads campaigns and effectively engage with your prospects


Promote your app (Android and iOS platforms) among the Google users’ community according to your budget and increase sales

Content Marketing


At Maxtra, we evaluate your existing content in order to draw a content marketing strategy to achieve your goals. We build customer personas, decide and organize the content activities such as blogs, emails or social media in a planned way.


Our content development services will provide you higher returns in the long run. Based on the industry or your business requirement we develop content such as website copy, blogs, emails, social media content and any other specialized content.


A valuable content created needs online visibility in order to benefit your business. Our content optimization services supported by keyword research, SEO activities, and competitor analysis will lead to greater visibility and conversions.


Get your content to the right audience at the right time. The content experts at Maxtra will help you identify the right channels for distribution of the content. We understand your competitor strategy and promote your content the right way.


Drive significant traffic to your website with fresh and original content updated regularly. At Maxtra, we help you optimize your website and the pages with fresh content that your visitors are most likely to find it relevant and valuable.


If you can measure, it means you can manage better. Our content reporting services will help you measure the content marketing strategy performance in relation to the set goals. Based on well-defined KPIs, we report the performance numbers.

Link Building


We are the best company for link building services. Our dedicated team of SEO experts who are experts on Google guidelines will provide you with the best link building services for your website.


Experience a big boost in your ranking with high-quality backlinks. Our link building services will yield you high-quality backlinks that improve your website ranking in search engine results.


Our expertise over the years in link building services, ensure we follow safe, transparent and compliant methods. We follow multiple strategies of link building to get quality backlinks.


We are proficient with Google Webmaster guidelines. We understand the dos and don’ts on link building activities and regularly update our strategies in sync with those guidelines.


We offer our services to all business types and websites too. Not only do we provide the most effective linking building services for your website, but we also provide it in a cost-effective way too.


Put to rest all your worries; experience superior quality, highly-effective and result-oriented services from us. Our efficient customer support team is always available to plug any defiant ends


As a leading digital marketing services provider, our exposure to various industries and client needs has established us as a reliable and resourceful digital marketing partner to our clients. We understand the dynamics of the internet platform and the digital customer. Our efficiency lies in our expertise, knowledge and experience in implementing the digital marketing strategies. We,

  • Expertise in multiple digital platforms and have successfully yielded proven results for our clients.
  • Our impressive track record in generating leads and their conversion will enable your business to establish in the digital space
  • Our data-driven analytics will help you monitor and measure the effectiveness of our performance
  • Quality content lies central to all our digital marketing strategies
  • Adept at understanding your customer, we build digital marketing campaigns around your customer needs and aspirations
  • We emphasize on driving user engagement which translates into growth and revenue for your business
  • We are a creative bunch of technically skilled, highly motivated and enthusiastic team who believe is making a difference in whatever we do.