Wearable Devices

Integrating technology into our lives!!

Technology has made inroads into our lives. Personal accessories and technologically smart wearables are transforming our lives into a seamless and convenient one. Maxtra – is your trusted partner in the field of emerging technologies, helping you take the big leap into the future with our innovative and creative wearable app solutions.

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Maxtra – developing wearable apps that exceed expectations

The technological changes are drastic. And, consumer needs have evolved to be more demanding too. Wearables perfectly connect technology with the consumer expectations. At Maxtra, we are experienced with the rich expertise and knowledge in developing wearable app solutions that perfectly suit your business. Smart watches, fitness trackers, smart glasses etc. are just of few of the impeccable solutions we provide for in wearable technology.

Wearable devices – innovative, interactive and engaging

It’s an era of disruptive technologies. Our wearable app development solutions are making a decisive impact on our client businesses. We focus on creating astounding user experiences by designing solutions that embody convenience, consistency, and provide for seamless and hands-free access to things. Our vast experience of working in various industry niches has helped us to provide path-breaking solutions to both consumers and enterprises.

Android Wear

Be it designing apps for the Android wear or the iOS, our expert team of developers will provide you with the best wearable solutions

Google Glass

Our Google glass applications are developed to help businesses focus on giving cutting-edge augmented reality user experiences to their customers

Apple iWatch

Our developed are equipped with the niche skills and experience to develop great wearables apps for iWatch that run efficiently


If technology is at one end of the spectrum, making it part of our lives is at the other end. Wearable devices are the future of technology transforming how we use our personal accessories. And Maxtra, we are absolutely upbeat about the advancements in the wearable space.

Our developers are passionate about technology and are constantly looking out for ways where technology could be integrated into our lives. With our wearable solutions, we are not only innovative or creative but would be solutions for the future.

  • We are adept in understanding customer needs and their expectations better.
  • Our solutions are based on a detailed understanding of your business needs and your target market.
  • We have established skill base for varied personal accessories such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart glasses etc.
  • We develop solutions for both Android an iOS platforms helping you target a wide range of customers.

Maxtra Offers Wearable Devices App Development Services

Health & Fitness

With health insights, add value to your health care and fitness apps with AI assisted wearable apps developed by us

Sports and traininig

Take advantage of our brilliant sports and training wearable apps compatible with any smartwatch in the segment

Intelligent Medical apps

From simple to more complex medical apps, explore our smart and intelligent wearable medical apps for medical assistance

Enterprise Solutions

Experience surge in business productivity by developing enterprise apps leveraging on our business-centric wearable apps

Innovative education apps

Transform learning into an interactive and engaging experience with Maxtra’s innovative wearable education apps

Engaging Entertainment apps

As wearable devices are redefining entertainment, experience a whole new perspective with our wearable entertainment apps