15 App Development Trends That will Continue to Rule in 2019

Mobile App Development Trends In 2019

The mobile applications sector is one of the world’s great markets for technology. This is something that cannot be denied, there are some data for you to understand a bit the magnitude of the matter:

At the end of 2018, there were 5,000 million users with a Smartphone.

In 2018, no more and no less than 197 billion applications were downloaded.

In March 2018, 2,800 million applications were reported on Google Play and 2,200 million on the App Store.

On an average, 22 million people use mobile applications every day and every day we download 4 million applications for mobile phones, tablets, and TVs.

It is expected that by 2020 the apps market will generate around 189 billion dollars in revenue.

They are incredible numbers, right? The application development sector is unstoppable, so whether you are already a developer or if you want to be … we leave you with some trends of the world, so you are up to date, you know that in the technological field you always have to be attentive, with the blaster prepared.

A recent survey showed how the app development industry will evolve in 2019 as a result of the technologies that incorporate the new smartphones that will be released to the market. Augmented reality, biometrics, emotional intelligence, gestures, etcetera.

A report has been presented with the trends that will mark the applications in 2019 thanks to the new technologies of the latest Smartphone presented in the market.

No doubt the arrival of terminals such as the iPhone X or Galaxy S9 will mark the app updates during this first quarter of the year. Also, Apple has already announced the obligation to adopt the designs of the applications to the screen of its latest Smartphone model, which represents a declaration of intentions for the development of mobile applications for the year 2019.

Some industry experts even quoted that “Without a doubt, the arrival of new technologies more accessible to the user and for developers such as augmented reality, cashless payment, biometrics or conversational messages will be the protagonists in terms of the experience of the user during 2019. But it will be no more than the beginning of a new way of interacting between the user and the company’s app “.

App Development Trends 2019


More and more companies are looking for a mobile way to connect with the end customer. According to data from the mentioned survey, companies with an effective app manage to bill up to 15% more thanks to these channels.

Here’re the 15 application development trends that will continue to rule in 2019:

1. Simplification of the User Journey

The User Journey is the experience of the user using the company’s mobile application. Every interaction we make as a user within the application itself. The less effort we spend in achieving this goal, the better the experience will be. According to data from the survey, users do not like to give more than 3 touches to reach their goal within an app.

2. Use of Gestures in the App + Animation

Use of Gestures in the App + Animation

“Now we are going to have to get used to mobile devices without these buttons. Whether in Apple or in any other model, the trend points to terminals without buttons, which leads to the use of gestures for the development of mobile applications, “as stated by the industry experts.

3. Content-Focused Experience

With the use and development of mobile applications, in 2018 the content will become more important than ever. Quality content designed by and for the user.

4. The Full-Screen Experiences

The Full-Screen Experiences

The arrival of terminals such as Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X and other popular models such as the Huawei or Xaomi full screen has generated a change in the design of the APP and a clear trend throughout this year and the next.

5. Use of Video

In 2018 it has already marked a great trend but this year it will be based on much-defined guidelines: adapt it to a short interval of time, the use of video in vertical and non-horizontal format, 360-degree videos, streaming, etc.

6. Bright Colours

Bright Colours

Screens like OLEDs make the color game transmit a whole user experience. Colour is one of the most powerful tools in the toolkit in the development of mobile applications

7. New and Advanced Security Systems in Smartphone

According to the survey, in 2019, biometrics will be more accessible and we will see a greater use of biometrics for authentication and identity management purposes.

8. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

“The experiences of PPPs emotional intelligence are gaining strength for the development of mobile applications in the year 2019. The use of animojis and emoticons are proof of this trend that is increasingly increasing. Users know how to express emotions through technology even if it seems impossible”, says the renowned industry experts.

9. Conversational Design

A strong trend in the development of mobile applications in 2019 will be everything related to conversations between the user and the app. “This year we will see how voice assistants and chatbots triumph. It is a new way of interacting, “as industry experts quoted.

10. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Whether it’s about entertainment or solving problems for day-to-day life, in 2019 we will see the most useful app based on AR thanks to the democratization of the development of this technology that is not new but has been simplified in use and creation of applications.

11. Advanced Customization

Applications will allow you to adapt according to the needs of the user: if you have vision problems or you have astigmatism or show information according to the place where you are in real time etc.

12. Cashless Payments

Cashless Payments

Cashless payment is fast becoming a new standard for many users. This could change the current concept we have of daily trade. In 2019 another of the trends of the shops will be the acceptance of little payment systems Apple Pay or Android Pay in terms of predetermined options and not only in online businesses.

13. Cloud-Based

One of the biggest problems that appear to a smartphone user when having a mobile device is the amount of memory that is used when downloading and installing different applications. Adding an extensive amount of data to your mobile and, in general, that directly affects the speed of your mobile. Most of the time, you are likely to uninstall some of your applications to make your smartphone work better.

With the cloud-based applications, this problem gets resolved to a large extent as it uses servers in the cloud and the information is stored there.

“It is expected to fico mobile in cloud-based applications increased by 90% to year or 2019”.

14. Internet of things (IoT) and Wearables

Internet of things (IoT) and Wearables

The concept of smart cities, homes, automobiles and smart health is growing, the industrial IoT, the retailer and the “intelligent concept” in general is growing a lot.

IoT applications will begin to gain even more weight by the end of this year. It is even predicted that the integration of IoT along with the automation technology will become the next big trend in the development of mobile applications this year. It is forecasted to grow 661.74 billion dollars till 2021 with 50 million connected mobile devices by 2020, according to a Cisco survey.

15. Instant applications

With this wonderful feature of the Android platform, users can leverage an application without actually downloading it completely. There is a need to provide the tools for users to only load the piece of content they need. They work exactly like the native applications; they can attract more people with their convenience. All borders need to be removed that lie between the application and the website.

This saves space on your Smartphone, it is not necessary to install the part of the application that is not going to be used.

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