Brilhante Supermercado: Supermarket of Angola

Brilhante Supermercado is an easy-to-use platform that allows the user to make direct purchases from the Brilhante Esperança Supermarket or Hiyab Comercio Warehouse. With a few simple clicks on your smartphone or table, you can make your wholesale or retail purchases and relax in your comfort space while receiving notifications about the status of your order. Benefit from the various promotions and campaigns that the Supermarket has monthly and weekly. Wholesale & Retail Shopping in Your Online Supermarket app Brilhante Supermercado. 

Overview of the e-Commerce Sector in Angola

While internet connectivity in Angola is quite high when compared to other Sub-Saharan African nations, electronic commerce in Angola is restricted since the country is still primarily a cash-based economy with an inefficient postal delivery infrastructure. 

Market Trends Right Now 

Given Angola’s large number of internet users, there is potential for eCommerce in the country. According to Internet Live Stats for 2018, there are 7,078,067 internet users or approximately 22.4 percent of the population. Most people access the internet via their mobile phones rather than their home computers; mobile broadband connectivity is accessible to just 16% of the population (2018 ITU). 

eCommerce Across Borders 

Cross-border eCommerce is limited to Angolans with medium and higher incomes who have access to international credit cards and foreign travel. Such transactions are most often done via large international online retailers such as Amazon, eBay (the USA and Europe), and Alibaba (China). International couriers are used to making deliveries. 

Business-to-Business eCommerce 

A small number of Angolan companies utilize B2B websites located in Europe or the United States, such as and, with goods delivered to them in Angola by express courier. 

Services for eCommerce 

Angola has international transportation delivery providers such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Due to the unreliability of the domestic postal system, couriers are frequently employed for domestic delivery. 

Intellectual Property Rights in eCommerce 

Angolan intellectual property law does not cover eCommerce explicitly. 

Payment through the internet 

Approximately half of the adult population has access to formal banking institutions. For domestic transactions, debit cards (Multicaixa) have grown more popular. 

Due to a shortage of foreign currency availability to fulfill these payment obligations, international credit cards are rare and severely regulated by commercial banks. Visa and Mastercard are the most frequently-issued cards in Angola for individuals who have access. Paypal is being used by certain customers. 

eCommerce on the go 

The majority of Angolans with an internet connection (about 22.4 percent) use a cellphone to access the internet. Only 15.8 percent of the population, however, has access to mobile broadband. Those who use a laptop or a desktop computer to make online purchases often utilize their smartphone or tablet as well. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), only around 12% of Angolans have a home internet connection. 

Marketing on the Internet 

Many businesses advertise themselves only on Facebook as a low-cost and easily accessible online presence, rather than creating and maintaining their website. Angola’s other prominent social media platforms with advertising possibilities include the news website Club K, Angonoticias, and Instagram. 

Major Shopping Days 

Because Angolan customers know the discounts offered from foreign eCommerce sites on this day, Black Friday is the most popular eCommerce shopping holiday in Angola. 

The Internet of Things 

Given the country’s relatively high internet penetration (more than 22.4 percent of the population), social media is extensively utilized in Angola. Facebook is used by an estimated 3.2 million businesses and people for company marketing and personal communication. The nation has an estimated 3.2 million Facebook users. Many businesses advertise themselves only on Facebook as a low-cost and easily accessible online presence, rather than creating and maintaining their website.

Our Approach in Building the Brilhante Supermercado eCommerce Platform

The suggested system is an E-commerce Application that allows users to purchase and sell goods online. Three users are engaged in this application to carry out the business online. 

Actor 1

A typical application user purchases a product from an online shop. 

Actor 2 

The application’s seller, who publishes it to the webshop. 

Actor 3

The Administrator, who oversees user-vendor interactions.

Required APIs in the App’s Backend

The SMS API is required for sending and receiving text messages by the users about their orders.

Login API*

The Login authentication API helps users in getting logged in to the platform.

Payment gateway* 

Payment gateway API facilitates the payments for the transactions done on the app.

Google Location API*

The Google location API is helpful for tagging and locating order locations.

(*These APIs were provided by the client)

Mobile app for customers (iOS and Android): 

The app will be downloaded from the PlayStore and AppleStore by the user. New user registration features include:

  • Registration by email OR phone number (By filling the registration form) They may register using their Facebook account. 
  • The user will also be able to look for goods without having to sign in. 
  • Please keep in mind that to place an order, the user must first join up or sign in. 
  • The user may also bypass the registration procedure and use the app as a guest. 
  • The app’s top page will include a product list. 
  • The user may also search for a product by selecting one of the various categories and sub-categories.
  • The user may also look for the product by entering its name into the search box. 
  • Filtering: The user may filter the results based on their preferences. 
  • Choose a product to buy and put it in your shopping basket. 
  • During order placement, apply a discount OR/AND Referral points. 
  • By recommending the application to his friends, the client will earn a referral point.
  • The user would copy the referral link and share it with his friends on various social media platforms. 
  • The client will only get referral points if the recommended user completes the registration process. 
  • The referral points will be utilized to get a discount on your purchase. We will handle this markdown based on the admin’s commission from that transaction rather than the merchant’s goods cost. 
  • The price will be determined based on the number of goods purchased, the coupon used, and the number of referral points earned. 
  • The distance and location of the delivery location will be used to determine delivery costs. 
  • The estimated time for product delivery will be shown to the client so that he is aware of it. 
  • The total amount will be the payment’s final amount. 
  • The entire price will be made up of (Product cost + Delivery costs + Admin Commission (Hidden) + Taxes (if applicable) – Coupon) (If applied). 
  • The money will be paid by the client through the connected payment channel (We are considering PayPal and Bank transfer for the payment purpose) 
  • Once the payment has been completed, a “Thank you” message will appear on the screen. 
  • The client will get an email or SMS confirming the order.
Web application for customers

The functionality of the Web app will be the same as described before. Vendor’s Dashboard: 

The merchant will be sent to their dashboard (registration/Login) via the lMS-based website. During the registration procedure, provide the required information. 

  • Email address
  • Store name
  • Phone number
  • Address/ Location
  • Password
  • Confirm password 

Receive the verification email to your registered email address and contact number. 

Once submitted, the request is sent to the administrator for evidence verification. 

If the administrator approves, the merchant will be granted access to the platform. 

  • Log in with a valid ID and password. 
  • Provide your bank account information to receive payments on this platform. The merchant may reset/forget your password. 
  • The merchant has control of the proof information (Email id password contact number address etc.) 
  • Organize the goods he intends to sell: 
  • Choose the categories he can sell in. 
  • Choose which sub-categories he may sell in. 
  • The Merchant will be able to handle various categories (Add/ Edit/ Delete/ Update) for each kind of goods. 
  • Under the category, he will list the goods he wishes to sell. 
  • Manage the specifics of each product, such as the product picture, short description, and pricing. Product information such as in-stock or out-of-stock status, product characteristics, and so on. 
  • Manage the pricing and content of each product that he has listed in his storefront. 
  • Manage the payment information to receive payments from various users. 
  • The Merchant will be notified of the orders placed by the consumers. 
  • Obtain information on the payments received from various consumers. 
  • Manage the available supply for various product categories (also update of the product stock based on the ordered value of the customers) 
  • Report on the number of produced orders each day, week, month, and year 
  • Report the income produced each day, week, month, and year. 
Admin Panel: 

Web-based admin panel with login access. The login will be performed by the administrator by inputting the proper id and password. The dashboard will provide static and graphical information on:

  • New subscribers (daily/weekly/monthly) 
  • New merchants are added on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 
  • Orders placed (daily/weekly/monthly) 
  • Produced income (daily/weekly/monthly) 
  • Manage the categories
  • Manage the goods under each Sub-category
  • Manage the users’ information
  • Manage the suppliers’ information
  • Upload the products under various categories and sub-categories
  • Manage the order requests. 
  • Manage the payments
  • Manage the delivery status
  • Ordered goods description
  • Received amount 
Control the coupon: 

Set the coupon code number Select the total number of times the coupon code will be applied % discount provided by applying that coupon code 

  • Take care of the social media connections 
  • Control the discounts on any product/subcategory/category. 
  • Oversee the lMS pages

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