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The practitioner enables seamless connectivity between practitioners as in a peer-to-peer connected scenario. It allows users so that users can connect with different practitioners and also create flyers and post job activities through the platform. The app is a breakthrough in the service provider domain and is highly functional in delivering robust features to its end-users. 

The business scenario in the service provider sector is booming and users are actively looking for innovative solutions. The Practitioner app is developed using advanced algorithms and a robust technological framework to deliver excellence to the end-user.

Business Scenario of the Practitioner App

This is a smartphone app that has a significant emphasis on professional, business, educational, and personal growth. It addresses the requirements of practitioners in all areas of employment as well as elements of social life. 

Someone else’s leisure and leisure hobbies are someone else’s professional life, and your professional and business life meet someone else’s basic or luxury requirements (interdependence). Interdependence is a fundamental element of existence that is founded on human connection. 

The need to be connected, the need to know, the need to survive, the need to achieve, and many other demands in life lead to less human contact and an increase in stress, resulting in failure and mental health. 

The Practitioner is one link that, via its community structure, provides balance into your life. The communities are made up of people from various professions who work in the same sector.

The app integrates custom functionality with all the features expected from a premium healthcare app. Here are the features of the app:

User Registration

The Practitioner app enables easy registration within the app for end-users. Users can register themselves using their details such as email, mobile number and get access to a unique Practitioner profile. This is divided into three parts, namely:

  • Registration as a service provider: This registration section deals with the registration of a service provider.
  • Registration as an employer: This registration section deals with the registration of employers who are looking to hire practitioners on the app.
  • Normal user registration: These are usually end-users with a generalized sense of requirements who will most likely promote, or hire the services of the service providers on the app.

The functionality of the app

The app acts as an intermediary to enable users to connect and share information, largely targeted towards other practitioners. Practitioners can apply for tenders and get access to the tender database for kickstarting their next project and business entities on the platform can launch tenders for the service providers to apply upon.

Scope of the app

The app enables end-users to share available or new job opportunities through the portal itself. Users will also be able to create and post advertisements of the kind of business they provide or require.

Business Challenges of the Practitioner App

Requirement of an Optimized End-to-end solution

There has been a need for an end-to-end solution for Practitioners which can help prospective users in getting a one-stop solution for anything related to Practitioner jobs. There are numerous other challenges as well but this has been the greatest one.

No existing workflow for the system

There has been no existing workflow for the system and the Practitioner app enables this. We have worked out a unique workflow for the app which enables GPs around the world to connect.

Stakeholders in the App


This is the end-user who will download and use the app for their requirements. These individuals can be from varying backgrounds and may cover professionals from the cashier, electrician, plumber, software engineer, analysts, and other such professions.


This is the admin stakeholder that has access to all the resources within the app. These include app administrators with administrative level access and acts as an intermediary between business entities and service providers.

Service Provider

The service providers enable end-users to avail themselves of services that are best suited to the interests and needs of the people.


An employer stakeholder is an entity that hires the service providers for fulfilling a role that meets their requirements.

Modules of the Practitioner App

Flyer creation

The practitioner app enables users to create flyers that are customized to the services they provide. These are essential for promoting a service provider.

Become Identifiable

The app features a module to help practitioners become identifiable in the current scenario and stay ahead of competing service providers on the platform.

Tender Posting

This module deals with the posting of tenders on the Practitioner app. These tenders convert to a job for service providers if they opt to accept the pre-requisites and choosing to work on the intended project. Here are the components of the tender module.

  • Users who are registered as a business entity can upload the details of a tender and make it live.
  • Quotation requests would be available to view for the end-users.
  • End users would also be able to view the tender as per the available data.
  • Service providers can send direct quotations in response to the tender.

Job Interview module

Once a tender has been responded to by a service provider, users registered as business entities can interview their prospective choices and single out the ones they wish to work with. Here are the components of the job interview module:

  • First, a business entity creates and publishes a tender for a project on the Practitioner app. This is achieved as a primary step in tender management and distribution.
  • Once the tender is live, service providers can bid on the tenders. Business entities can filter the pool of service providers by looking at their performance metrics.
  • After this, interview invitations are sent to prospective service providers and an interview schedule is finalized. The chosen service provider can also add the project schedule to their job calendar.
  • Once the interview is done, the service provider is selected, and the job is done, the service provider intimates the admin regarding the completion of the project, and requests a payment release.
  • The business entity will then assess the delivered projects and then release, or withhold the payments.

Appointment Schedule functionality

The appointment schedule functionality enables end-users and business entities to schedule appointments with their peers and receives notifications based on pre-determined schedules. Here are the components of the appointment schedule functionality:

  • The user chooses the scheduled appointment functionality.
  • The user can enter the service criteria and apply filters to make the pool for service providers relevant to their requirements.
  • The book a schedule button is included in the app that can enable business entities to view the contact numbers of the providers.
  • Businesses entities can view the profile of service providers, look at their ratings, and view all the information that is listed on the platform.
  • Once a service provider is shortlisted, businesses can schedule an appointment at the time of their liking.

Booking management

The booking management module enables end-users to make bookings between service providers and prospective business entities.

Challenges in the Practitioner App
Dynamic requirements

The foremost challenge of the Practitioner app is the fact that the requirements are dynamic. Advanced technology stacks have been deployed to tackle this issue.

Project timeline

A strict tracking of the timeline is crucial for a peer-to-peer application. The app is fully capable of managing diversified timelines in distinct time zones.

Data Management

When dealing with huge volumes of data, tech stacks such as MySQL come into the picture. The Practitioner app comes with a robust data management solution that aims to minimize data redundancies and enable seamless data management.

Technology Stack of the Practitioner App

For Mobile Application

  • Latest iOS toolkit: The latest iOS toolkit enables developers to create iOS apps using the Swift programming language, developed and provided for by Apple Inc. 
  • Latest APK toolkit: The latest APK toolkit includes tools such as Android Studio, Java, and other frameworks that are deployed in advanced Android app development.
For Web Application

The web application is developed by leveraging a combination of Cake PHP framework, MySQL, HTML5, CSS-3.

Outcomes of the Practitioner App

The solution is scalable

The Practitioner app has been proven to be a robust and scalable solution for businesses and service providers alike. The app can be scaled to suit almost any business scale and is highly effective in tackling high-growth areas.

Ease of advertisement creation

End-users can easily create ads in the advertisement section through the user panel. 

Panel interconnection

All the panels in the app have a robust interconnection and can be very beneficial for deploying crucial business logic.


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