COVID 19 Guide – How to Grow Your Business during Lockdown

COVID is an abbreviation for the acronym COVID The 19 outbreaks throughout the globe have put the country on total lockdown. With coronavirus spreading like wildfire and worsening the panic scenario by the day, small and large cities throughout India are suffering the devastating loss of life. 

To prevent the spread of this global time bomb, the Indian government has declared a total lockdown until May 3rd. Truly, the shelter in place order is assuring a halt in the number of instances that are increasing at an alarming rate throughout the nation. 

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a negative influence on the business sector, threatening the development of both small and large firms. This is enhanced the prospects for an app development company to get hired and build effective solutions for business to function smoothly.

With the rapid rise towards digitization of services, a digital marketing company may come in very handy for establishing a presence of your business online. Businesses have revealed remote working options for their staff, making the at-home office a reality. People who work away from the office attend virtual meetings, webinars, and conference calls to keep things running smoothly and enhance their abilities. 

A slump in the economy caused by nationwide quarantines and social alienation, sending markets and enterprises into a tailspin. Let us go deep to see how we may expand our business while continuing to work from home.

Business Continuity Planning

Before announcing remote working capabilities, ensure that your data is transferred to the cloud and accessible to workers when working away from home. Create and present your business continuity plan to your customers, and assist them in improving their operations. 

Examine the work reports to ensure that there are no job delays and that the staff is working together well. While announcing remote working options to your staff, create work policies and data security rules. 

Embrace Digital Technologies

With the emergence of COVID-19, India is embracing social separation and self-quarantine. The Indian cities are completely shut down, and individuals are spending their time upgrading their abilities with digital technology. Surprisingly, it took the introduction of this deadly virus for us to understand the actual potential of digital technology. 

Utilize an app development company to build solutions to conduct customer interactions by hosting virtual seminars, webinars, meetings, and conferences, among other things. Encourage your prospective consumers to drive their digital transformation journey by conducting business with your organization amid this pandemic-induced social distance. 

Persuade your clients to convert their businesses to cloud solutions while assuring project transparency and the protection of private information. A digital marketing company can ensure that your employees and your staff are updated on the latest techniques developed by an app development company through blogs and other media.

Smooth communication is becoming more virtual as a result of the following factors

Because of the virus’s potential, most of your staff may be working remotely. Employees interact for business objectives through chats and phone conversations to guarantee effective communication. However, they are insufficient for successful communication in the face of home-life distractions. 

Upgrade your company practices using an app development company to retain work transparency and file and data exchange. Employees may have an uninterrupted business dialogue thanks to video conferencing and virtual team meeting software. 

Social Media Marketing

Pandemic-induced social isolation has prohibited individuals from connecting in person. As we limit ourselves to the confines of our houses, we spend the majority of our time on social networking sites. You must put time and effort into social media marketing through a digital marketing company to grow your brand and engage with new and existing consumers. 

Engage and delight your devoted fans with a contest and fascinating information. Because your consumers are spending more time on social media seeking interesting and interesting material, the lockdown is the ideal time to interact with them. Promoting some interesting films and GIFs on social media can help you increase your business’s visibility and a digital marketing company may come in very handy for this purpose.

Market Your Solution Keeping COVID-19 in Mind

Although COVID-19 originated in China, it has shown to be a danger to nations all over the globe, resulting in the sad loss of life. Because it is a significant problem, companies stay closed as a precautionary measure to prevent the virus from spreading. 

While the rest of the world is practicing social distancing, reach out to your consumers through phone calls or emails. Send a courteous email expressing your apologies for the present inconvenience and assuring them that you are available to assist them in this situation. 

Inquire whether your product or service provides them with an edge in the middle of the coronavirus epidemic. Plan your marketing plan with a digital marketing company with this disruptive situation in mind, and launch a new service for the period of the epidemic. 

Make it clear to your consumers that you are still there to service them in the middle of the crisis. You can hire a digital marketing company to communicate with your clients and stay connected with them seamlessly.

Employee Health and Wellness Program

Run health and wellness online programs to keep your staff safe. To prevent the spread of the virus, ensure that mission-critical personnel who visit the office regularly have access to healthcare facilities. Conduct some virtual yoga classes to assist your staff in reducing stress and strengthening their immune systems. 

Manage employee morale via care and communication, inspiring them to perform higher-quality work even when they are not in the office. You can get an app development company to develop custom apps that track the well-being of your employees.


It is impossible to foretell how the scenario will play out. There is a chance that everything will return to normal with the globe practicing self-quarantine, or that the virus will wreak devastation throughout all nations, resulting in the loss of lives. 

Companies are closing and towns are being locked down as economies enter a slump. However, the corporate world does not end here, since the at-home office has become a reality. With the tactics listed above, you may propel your business’s development.

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