The Complete Guide For An On-Demand Beauty Service App In 2021

There is no better time than now to start a beauty on-demand business. The beauty on-demand app development and wellness sector is growing at a quicker rate than ever before. According to recent research by retail analytics firm Edited, mobile app development in the beauty sector is now worth a record $532 billion and is continually growing. 

When you combine the Spices of On Demand with the Beauty business, you get the appeal to be everyone’s favorite. That, indeed, is the power of Beauty On Demand. 

The beauty sector is a gold mine that promises incredible returns on investment to dedicated entrepreneurs who enter it with a sound plan. And I’m not imagining castles in the air when I say it. 

The beauty on-demand app development sector is being disrupted by on-demand beauty applications. They enable people to acquire beauty services with only a few touches on their cell phones. Beauty and well-being is a rapidly growing industry. And this fact has kept the domain growing at an unwavering rate to this day. 

The achievements of beauty on-demand applications described above indicate that the market is flourishing and that the opportunities for new firms are tremendous. The industry’s large valuation, investment, and broad user base imply that there is enough room for a plethora of beauty on-demand service providers to coexist and prosper. As more businesses enter this market, its growth will accelerate, and there will be a larger pie for everyone to enjoy. 

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Beauty On-Demand App Development Must-Have Features 

It is advised that admins handle material that goes into the app in the case of apps that are at the beginning of their lifetime. 

The same should be said about the attractiveness of the on-demand mobile app development service. Administrators should be able to upload all marketing collaterals to the program and change them as needed. 

It is important to understand that when you engage in on-demand app development beauty service app development, you are investing in three versions of an application: the User app, the Beauty Experts app, and the Admin panel. 

The feature set of the application version you generate for each of your stakeholders will change. So, we’ll go over the feature set of each of these panels one by one. 

Customer App 

Simple Registration

Users should be able to quickly access your beauty on-demand app. You’ll also need social network integration for quick app onboarding and a great user experience. 

Beauty Professional Profile

Each professional’s profile will allow the client to readily access details such as service kind, address, pricing, rating, and so on. Users will also learn whether or not the beauty gurus are certified. 

A Comprehensive Look at the Beauty Package

Clients should be able to see the packages offered by each expert, as well as their ratings and reviews, after logging in. 

Subscription Packages in Detail

The Subscription Model is critical for attracting consumers. Users should have access to membership packages in these types of packages to receive additional advantages provided by the professional. 

Booking Arrangements

Once users have access to all of the services inside the application, they should be sent to a page where they may book appointments according to their schedules and pick aspects such as locations, payment modes, and so on before using the services. 


Users must be able to safely pay in-app. Payment can be done via integrated payment options such as net banking, PayPal, or a credit/debit card. 

Rate and Review

Using this function, customers may browse the ratings and reviews of salons and beauticians offered by clientele. 

View Booking History

Through this feature, users should be able to see their previous and upcoming booking history. They may also rebook with the same professionals, beauticians, or salons. 

Fashion Library

It is tough to comprehend what a user truly needs. To keep things easy, you may provide a fashion library option for consumers, allowing them to select their chosen haircut or cosmetics style directly from the gallery. 

Get in touch with the Stylists

Users should be able to contact not just the specialists to inquire about their products, but also the application support staff in the event of a discrepancy. 

To make your company stand out in the market, you may even allow users to make phone calls from within the program, saving them time. Being available for your clients as and when they require it is one of the most beneficial aspects of mobile app development.

Beauty Professionals Panel 

Beauty professionals or salon owners should be able to quickly register themselves in-app by providing their information. 

View Client Requests

They should also be able to examine customer requests and the specifics of the same in-app, such as the date, time, and location. 

Accept/Refuse Customer Request

Depending on the nature of the request and the availability of beauty specialists, he or she can accept or deny the request. 

List Service and Prices

This will be their profile page. One where they may mention their offerings and the fees they charge for the specific support. 

Get Paid

Just as making payments is a user-centric function, getting paid is a user-centric function on the beauty specialists’ application version.

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Estimated Development Cost of an On-demand Beauty App

Estimating the cost of mobile app development is a method that takes into account a variety of factors – a list that extends beyond the tech stack and features. However, having developed multiple on-demand beauty apps, we can aid you in estimating the cost of your beauty application development, especially if you plan to adhere to the must-have features and technology stack indicated above. 

The cost of a beauty on-demand app development through a mobile app development company in India is estimated to be between $30K and $40K. It is important to remember that if you get the application produced from a company situated in the United States or the United Kingdom, the range will instantly expand. It will also rise if you intend to include some complex features in your app that might raise the cost even more for your mobile app development.

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