How Much Does It Cost To Create An Online Learning App?

Do you want to create an e-learning app? Then, before you dive into the exciting world of digital education, you must first get into the nitty-gritty of information. E-learning has arisen as a significant opportunity for educators, and E-learning smartphone applications are changing the conventional learning paradigm around the world. Here, we’ll explain E-learning applications and the things to remember when creating one for your learning environment.

What Exactly is E-Learning?

E-learning is an easy, location-independent method of learning that employs electronic media as the technology, allowing for rapid and widespread information dissemination. E-learning has been able to extend its wings as internet connectivity has spread to every nook and cranny of the globe. Previously, you had to attend a school to study. 

However, because of adverse conditions, broken paths, or the institute’s distance from your place, you opted for a course to develop your skills and experience at work. Through eliminating these obstacles, e-learning has aided millions of pupils. 

As we reach the modern age, access to information is no longer limited by place or time. Furthermore, students or registered users may train at their own speed from the convenience of their own homes. Let’s have a look at some of the essential features of an e-learning application.

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Essential Features of an E-Learning App Features


In-App Payment Features

Learners should be able to order different lessons and other educational materials directly from the app without leaving the app. You must have a variety of payment options in your app depending on the courses and materials. This addition would increase the revenue.

Interactive learning Solutions

An educational app development company or a mobile app development company can integrate interactive learning solutions in an e-learning app. This extension will include a task, game, or workout that requires the user’s active participation. 

Such involvement can aid in keeping the learner’s attention for a longer period of time. The incorporation of cutting-edge technology such as Augmented and Virtual Reality would ensure the development of more insightful expertise and intelligence.

Video Streaming Capabilities

Integrating this feature into the app will increase user experience because learners will be able to interact with tutors even more effectively by visiting live classrooms. The video streaming functionality will help them clear their questions even quicker.

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Collaborative Learning Solutions

An E-learning app built by an educational app development company or a mobile app development company can have a feature that allows for simple file sharing between separate learners as well as between learners and tutors. This feature would allow students to freely share notes and other papers, allowing them to rapidly resolve their doubts.

Along with this, there is a community feature that allows people taking the same course to quickly communicate with one another, exchange information, and collaborate to learn. To discourage abuse of the website, posts in the discussion forum should be moderated by the moderator, and users should be notified if anything new is written.

Analytics Integration

Incorporating E-learning metrics into an app by an educational app development company would provide learners with insightful feedback into places that they need to develop. For example, a student’s ability to solve math problems will be useful, but it would be ineffective if the time required to solve the math problems exceeds the time allotted. 

Analytics aid in lowering user dropout rates, optimizing teaching content based on user needs, and allowing teachers to respond while a learner is struggling with a specific concept. An educational app development company or a mobile app development company can integrate meaningful analytics in your e-learning application.

Customer Support Mechanism

It is important to listen to your consumers in order to determine where your app can be improved. If the software has in-app customer service, your consumers’ complaints can be addressed more effectively. 

As a result, we recommend incorporating a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) framework into the app. To save money on recruiting a human customer service worker, the FAQs can be replied to by a bot.

Push Notification Integration

Your e-learning app must interact with learners in order to keep them aware of future lessons and other improvements to the course material. Using a push notification function in your software will help you achieve this aim.

Added Offline Learning Features

Inspired learners would not be disrupted by issues with their internet access if they can do certain things offline, such as writing drafts or reading from previously downloaded content. As a result, using the app will become a regular routine.

User-Friendly UI

Nobody enjoys spending time on the app trying to find out what to do and where to go. Create an easy-to-use user interface that allows students to browse through classes, begin assignments, and track their progress with a few clicks.

Learning Gamification

Gamification of the learning process has been shown to increase student and employee interest. Look at the figures below to see the mind-boggling statistics that simply illustrate the effects of gamification.

Estimated Cost of Developing an E-learning App

The cost of developing an educational mobile app through a mobile app development company is influenced by many factors, the most important of which are the number, form, and sophistication of the necessary functionality, as well as the inclusion of costly elements such as animations. 

The whole app with added features would take approximately 2500-2600 hours ($87 500-$91 000), but these time and expense estimates are just estimates and will vary greatly. 

For example, since the project in our example is designed for children and relies heavily on drawings and animations, which are costly, your MVP may turn out to be much cheaper. Only after working with experts would you be able to get a more precise calculation.

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You would need the assistance of a competent mobile app development company or an educational app development company to help you realize your dream of creating an outstanding E-learning app. A partner with a strong reputation in the world of mobile app growth and a solid team that can guarantee you won’t get any headaches when creating the app.


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