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The Practitioner

This is a smartphone app that has a significant emphasis on professional, business, educational, and personal growth. It addresses the requirements of practitioners in all areas of employment as well as elements of social life. Someone's leisure and hobbies are someone else's professional life, and your professional and business life meet someone else's basic or luxury requirements. This interdependence is a fundamental element of existence that is founded on human connection. The need to be connected, the need to know, the need to survive, the need to achieve, and many other demands in life lead to less human contact and an increase in stress, resulting in failure and mental health.The Practitioner is one link that, via its community structure, provides balance into your life. The communities are made up of people from various professions who work in the same sector. This is our foray into the booming freelance working domain.



This app enables one of the biggest means to save money and your time. Your time is your most valuable asset in a hectic city. Instead of wasting your time in the process of washing and dry cleaning, you can cherish your family moments more effectively and leverage CUClnow to do so. The money that you spend on washing and delivery on the app does not compare to the costs of owning a washer and dryer at home, particularly if utilities are included. You do not need to leave your clothing at various locations for washing, drying cleaning, or alteration. Just turn on the full-service CUCInow laundry services and avail services at your front door. By using the CUCInowapp, you surely be pleased with this laundry pickup service and its convenience. At the time of your choice, your filthy clothing will be picked up and returned to you gleaming clean. There is no more effective method to wash or dry your clothing and bedding.


When you want to purchase a used vehicle, you want to know the form of the car before you pay for it. It works like that, right? The Ntellaapp has come up with a solution. Rather than spending large sums traveling to examine your vehicle or to trust a seller's word, NTELLA offers an inspection and reporting service called ‘THE CHECKOUT’. It doesn't cost as much as it would if you traveled to check it yourself. And get this, this is pre-buying.

Let us explain what it's all about. You've discovered a used vehicle that you believe you like, you spoke to the seller, but still are not completely satisfied. You can advertise the vehicle you want to purchase on the NTELLA app with the consent of the seller, and have another user near to the car place, go and check.

Bidone Home Essentials

Bidone is an online home service provider app that provides almost every kind of home service. Consumers connect directly with trustworthy local service providers, making service the quickest, best and cheapest. What distinguishes Bidone from its rivals is that Bidone offers local services to highly trained, trustworthy, and dependable consumer service providers. In order to schedule a service, the user must first register at no charge and may utilize all the services offered by Bidone. Users can easily schedule a service on Bidone or cancel it if their requirement has been fulfilled. Without a mediator, users can interact directly with service providers that lower overall costs of services.


In the digitally-driven eCommerce era, it has become ever more crucial to have handy coupon apps that provide the best value to end consumers. There is a lot that goes into a well-designed coupon app and Kupon is the latest entrant in this domain. It enables shoppers to save their hard-earned money by providing business-specific coupons for various businesses. Kupon is an app for users who want to receive business discounts from their interests, they can choose from 5 categories and 15 subcategories that interest them. Business managers can create personalized offers and promotions of the day using product images.


The Acron app allows users to calculate the top six points and see all colleges and universities (as well as program/courses) for which they qualify in Botswana with your achievements from BGCSE/IGCSE. You will find all essential information inside these institutions/programs such as Program Description,Course Duration,Course/Program Pre-Requisites, Location of Institution,Accommodation status,Accreditation Status by BQA,Sponsorship Status by DTEF,Job/Careers after completion of the program,Skill-Sets acquired in the program,Market Demand as highlighted by HRDC and Statistics Botswana The app also enables you to compare programs side by side in a school or competing institutions orsave the program details for OFF-LINE Viewing. You can alsoregister into Colleges and Universities in Botswana.


iWork24 is a service delivery platform designed to link service requestors to their community's service providers. Services vary from plumbing and electrical repairs, organizing of events and professional service, etc. The site also offers experts and qualified individuals a chance to tackle side problems. The iWork24 platform has been designed to solve three major service delivery issues, including late response, safety concerns, and poor service quality.

Brilhante Supermercado

BrilhanteSupermercado is an easy-to-use platform that allows the user to make direct purchases from the BrilhanteEsperança Supermarket or Hiyab Comercio Warehouse.With a few simple clicks on your smartphone or tablet, you can make your wholesale or retail purchases and relax in your comfort space while receiving notifications about the status of your order.You can also benefit from the various promotions and campaigns that the Supermarket runs monthly and weekly.It is a one-stop-shop wholesale & Retail Shopping in Your Online Supermarket.



The home service app is called Buzamina. With the app, you can hire trustworthy home services – from an architect to a builder, from a plumber to a cleaner, interior designer, etc. The app provides the following services:

  • Beauty and wellness: home salon, home spa, party, bridal make-up
  • Home Health: Yoga Trainers, Fitness Trainers
  • Repair services: electrical engineering, plumbing, carpenter repair, AC repair, refrigeration, refrigerating machine repair, refrigerating, RO or water purifier repair, geyser repair, fireplace and hover repair, mobile repair, laptop repair, repairs tablet, etc.
  • Home deep cleaning, insecticide control, cleaning of bathing rooms, cleaning sofas, cleaning of the kitchen, cleaning of the carpet.
  • Home Projects: Home Contractors, Packers, and Movers


Construed by the idea of building our childhood dream neighborhood with the passion to create relations. This app enables you to build a larger family that you have always wanted. Our neighbors are the first point contact at any ridiculous hour for anything or any assistance we need. And since the most essential thing happens in our 1km radius, please make sure that this radius is endowed with confidence, a closer relationship, E3 (Easy, Effective, Efficient) communication,and a lot of fun. This app marks a start towards aneighborhood that is close, self-sustaining, and enriched! The next time you return home, you won't have to spend your time browsing through irrelevant messages on WhatsApp or telegrams. Just connect how you wish with your SuperNebrs. Help them connect and feel secure with your extended family.

Vidya Growth

Vidya Growth is an android application that assists in the preparations and self-study and learnings in government examinations. It is a user-friendly smartphone application for state examinations (such as RRB, BSF, UPSC, PCS- Lower/Upper, CAT, TGT/PGT, Police, Air Force, etc.). There is also a provision for weekly mock tests for NDA, Self-learning practices like M.S. Office, your school video homework assistance, yoga, and gym class fitness development. The app is tailored to provide the best-in-class services to students.

Rent a Temp

Rent a temp is an introduction of innovation in the recruitment industry. It is an application-based platform accessible from virtually any smart device. The application was intended to help locate and deploy employees on the go. The Android and the iOS software was developed for businesses and companies alike to find contractors and contractors to locate placements and are available for download from the iTunes Store & Google Play. The app caters to the dental, medical, beauty, corporate, and construction domains.



Ride-hailing is gaining enormous traction and new apps are popping up left and right. Lafox is South Africa's largest carpooling platform connecting customers with drivers over long routes so they may go together and split the costs. It is the go-to marketplace for shared transportation and has a fair share in enabling mass mobility by sharing costs. You can share your journey with someone and build memories. Lafox provides the following services

  • Book your journey for a few seconds.
  • Enjoy the cheapest ride you've ever done
  • Find the ride nearest you, maybe one that leaves from the corner
  • Book a seat immediately or ask for a seat

Akor Ride

AkorRide is a premier ride-hailing service provider that aims to empower users with seamless transit capabilities at their fingertips. The app began as an easy means of transportation that assisted people to travel around the globe. Since then, the platform has evolved with the introduction of the latest technology and allowed users to fulfill travel commitments easily. AkorRide makes travel easier for pleasure, religious or business-related reasons.