5 Ad Revenue Optimization Tactics to Try in 2022


Do you want to increase your ad income in 2021 by a factor of ten through a PPC management service by a digital marketing company? You should know that many ad publishers will have to change their advertisements at some time or another in order to generate more money from their ads before you plunge in head first with subscriptions, display ads, newsletters, etc. Consider using these five helpful suggestions to maximize your ad revenue: 

Avoid Keywords That Are Descriptively Negative 

Negative keyword lists are something that’s often disregarded or neglected. If your wide match phrase is anything like “+best +watches,” you’d be shocked at how much of your search traffic isn’t related to your company and how much it hurts your entire campaign’s success. 

Many of your impressions are for kids or women’s watches if your company exclusively offers adult men’s watches. If this is the case, you will be dissatisfied. It’s important to use negative keywords for two reasons in particular. Expected click-through rate (CTR), landing page experience (LPE), and ad relevancy are all part of a quality score. 

As a result, customers will either not click on your ad (low CTR) or rapidly leave your site (poor landing page experience), both of which may lower your quality score if you appear in the ad. Search query reports should be reviewed at least twice a month, to find out if there are any new negative keywords that need to be included. 

Your campaign will benefit from an increase in cost savings and quality score gains if you haven’t recently updated your negative keyword lists. For additional information, see our page on negative keywords. 

Rotation of Commercials 

The skill of writing effective ad text is a lost art in today’s world, but thanks to Google and other ad platforms, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. One or two advertisements in your existing ad groups may be out of date since you haven’t changed them in a while. For the most part, updating your ad wording and using ad rotation optimization will pay off in the long run. 

Let’s say we have two advertisements running in our ad group, both receiving 500 impressions per month, but one has a far higher clickthrough and conversion rate than the other does. A digital marketing company that provides PPC management service can help you with the rotation of commercials.

While we have the option of turning off the ads that aren’t working, doing so for all of our ad groups would take a lot of time. This is where ad rotation optimization comes in. If you choose this Google Ads option, Google will automatically switch between different ad frequencies until it finds the one that works best for each ad. 

Bidding That is Carried Out Automatically 

Automated bidding is another fantastic tool offered by Google and other ad networks. Manual bidding is suboptimal because of the difficulty in determining the correct bids for each keyword in your account, as well as the peaks and valleys of competition and business cycles. Fortunately, there are automatic bidding options available that may make our life simpler while also increasing the profitability of our campaigns. 

It is possible to optimize for a variety of different outcomes using Google’s Smart Bidding, which is an automated bidding method. Increase site visits, impression share, and conversions at a specific cost-per-action (CPA) are all possible bid targets. You should have a budget in place if you decide to focus on increasing conversions or any other measure. 

Start by using Target CPA or Target ROAS to make sure you obtain the return you want on your investment as soon as possible. See Google’s Smart Bidding instructions or get a PPC management service from a digital marketing company for additional information on the different choices and how to put them up. 

Attribution Based on Information from a Variety of Sources 

Most people begin by implementing a last-click conversion monitoring strategy, which is definitely the best place to start. Pay-per-click attribution strategies from a PPC management service might vary based on the nature of your company and how far you have progressed. 

If you’re selling a high-priced item like wedding rings online, you shouldn’t anticipate the first search from a buyer to result in a sale. Customers will likely conduct a lot of research before purchasing. The consumer may do a search for “best wedding rings” before exploring several websites, including yours, but they are unlikely to make a purchase. 

Visits to other sites and more consideration lead them to the conclusion that your offering is the finest, so they look up your brand and buy from your website or get a digital marketing company to do this for you.

Even while you may think your first search ad was ineffective since it didn’t lead to a sale in the last-click world, you and I both know that if we hadn’t shown up for that first search, the consumer may never have known about our brand and made the purchase. Attributions other than causal may be helpful here. 


Our previous four suggestions focused on a single paid search feature or function, but our fifth and final suggestion is more general and aims to help you enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns as a whole. Adding additional sponsored search testing is the last suggestion. 

You’ll discover new things about your consumers and new methods to enhance the paid search for your account by experimenting with various items in your account. Depending on the account, one style of ad or landing page may be more effective than the other. Testing is the only approach to discover new information about your target audience and company. 

Google’s Draft & Experiments function may help you develop tests, but you can use any search engine. Larger tests should be conducted at least once every three months, while smaller tests should be run more regularly. 

The aforementioned ad copy rotation test is an example of a smaller test that might be done more regularly. Ad rotation is a low-fidelity approach to test and enhance your ad text regularly. A digital marketing company that provides PPC management services can help you with ad testing.

In order to do a bigger test, such as a landing page experiment, you’ll need a platform like Drafts & Experiments, which will need you to construct a new landing page, design your experiment, and launch it. 

To get fresh insights and advance your company, it’s important to run tests on many elements, like landing pages, ad text, audience lists, and more.

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