5 Technologies Taking Social Media Towards Its Next Evolution

Whilst smartphones and computers are evolving at a precise stage, the role of technology in social media evolution continues with mobile applications. Alone in 2019, the Lyfemarketing study estimated the use of social networks by mobile devices for 91% of all social media consumers. 

Up to this point, we agree that you need to build a social media application. The list does not, however, conclude with just one aspect of the effect of technology on social media. Much other technology such as APIs, geotagging, QR codes, etc. helps render social media where it is now. 

In addition to the streamlined activity of the industry by means of automation, the convergence of other social media applications, and e-commerce, technological inclusion allows social networking to be accessible, stable, and real-time. Taking into account the advantages of technology and social media, let us go to a list of innovations helping social media developers carry the field to the next level of growth.

Technologies Driving the future of Social Media 

The technologies used in social media is one of the core reasons for the exponential advancement of the domain, both in terms of users and the range of permanent growth. The direct effect of technology on social media results in these statistics programs. 

The relentless addition of connectivity and content creation, technology enabling dissemination such as native smartphone applications – access to business cameras and GPS – geotagging, image recognition IA, etc., have influenced the new social media domain on a global scale.

Augmented reality

AR and mixed reality are among the most common elements on social media. There are many use instances in which social media firms observe AR in their apps, although the use of facial filters has become a testimony of mainstream success. Snapchat popularises AR-driven filters for the provision of engaging content by corporations and individuals. 

In social media ads, another example is the enterprise-level use of AR in social media. Last year, Snapchat developed an AR interface for Snap Original, which connects with users in the real world.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the first name of any of the new-age innovations that can be read on the effects of the social media industry. A digital marketing service provider that provides social media optimization service can help you in leveraging artificial intelligence for your very own social media app.

AI is an essential part of all today’s market-oriented social media channels. This is the first explanation of why technology is now interested in the expense of creating social media applications by design. This scenario illustrates how AI is a vital part of all the various social media genres.


One of the most up-and-coming social media industries is decentralized social media. A variety of applications of social media and blockchain integration was faced by organizations on both sides. A digital marketing service provider that provides social media optimization service can integrate the blockchain network into a social media network.

The networks on social media rely on ad-based business models which share a similar weakness: creators are paid disproportionately for their platform content. In order to ensure developers get the value for their material without pause or unannounced deduction, a clever contract can be placed in effect here. 

There are companies that challenge censorship on the Internet. Normally users can read and curate their own content using a distributed chief, meaning that no individual can restrict access to content.

Internet of things

The Internet of Things is the most crucial part of our list of social media and technology developments. The technology is being used by some of the big names in the industry, such as N&W, Disney, and Tencent, for social media tracking and marketing purposes. 

Organizations are continuously searching for a social media software creation company that provides IoT-based tools to track data and insights from social media in real-time so that they can take smarter business choices. A digital marketing service provider that provides social media optimization service can help you in leveraging the IoT for social networks.

RFID Technology

RFID is a tiny computer chip, inlay words, capable of storing information about an individual or entity. Each chip has a specific serial number that can be added to the chip details. Give us this example to you to apply this technology in reality. A digital marketing service provider that provides social media optimization service can help you in leveraging RFID technology for any social network.

Suppose you’re at a music festival and check the RFID system using a socially embedded RFID device. By only bringing your RFID onto the other, you can like a band or download multiple music tracks on your smartphone or on Instagram or FaceBook. 

The increasing popularity of RFID in the fields of event and eCommerce (through NFC) has contributed to the introduction of RFID into its smartphone apps by a range of social networking technology firms.

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