8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Android App Bundles

The Android App Bundle is a new, official Android publishing format that provides a more effective way to create and release your app. The Android App Kit makes it easy for you to offer a better experience in smaller package sizes that can maximize update performance and reduce uninstall.

It’s really easy to turn. You don’t need to refactor the code to start using a smaller app. And if you’ve moved, you’ll benefit from modular software creation and flexible functionality distribution. Android application development India can leverage the Android app bundle development package and help you in building a robust app.

Android has released a new official publishing format called the Android App Packages (.aab) which provides a more convenient way to create and release the app. It also allows you to quickly offer a better user interface in a small app, which in turn also increases the install success rate and reduces the uninstall rate.

How Can Businesses Benefit from Android App Bundles

Here’s a point that all those high-definition graphics, creative functionality, and rich, multimedia content have a detrimental effect on user experience—no one wants an Android app development company to build an app that takes forever to launch, and then takes a piece out of their device’s memory.

There is also evidence to show that there is an inverse association between the size of your APK and the number of users installing your software. According to a recent report, with every 6MB rise in the APK scale, you should predict a 1% decrease in the number of people who install your software after visiting the Google Play website.

App dynamic delivery made possible

The Software Packages exposed us to a new paradigm known as dynamic distribution. Conditional features can be offered at the time of implementation on the basis of features such as application features (e.g. AR/VR), user country, or device edition. Users are also given the option to install features in on-demand mode instead of install time. They can also disable the features that they no longer use.

Improve the app performance metrics

Apps rising in scale would not matter much if we had the infinite capacity on our computers. But, as we know, this isn’t the case. When the scale of the software grows, so does the number of installs! Android application development India can help you in enhancing your app performance metrics.

As a ripple effect of size savings with the aid of the xamarin android app pack, app installs can increase. This has resulted in a rise in the rate of upgrades and a significantly smaller rate of uninstallations. Android app development company can help you in improving the user stats of your app.

Increased app development speed

The whole process of making an app is being accelerated. From creating diverse and autonomous modules to designing, testing, and publishing them. Tech speed is having a big boost with the Android Package Unit app. The BookMyShow app claimed that their app builds time (for a brand new build, without any caching) went down by 70%—because, with app packages, it only dumps every resource into the package, rather than segregating it, like APKs.

Efficient code development & deployment

Android’s app bundle development deployed by an Android app development company helps you to create a single system that contains all of your app’s collected code, tools, and native libraries. But you’re no longer necessary to build, sign up, upload, and maintain several APK version codes. Efficiency is also improved if you install the Android app kit on your computer.

Significant app size-reduction

On average, an Android app development companythat converted saw 20 percent savings in size relative to the universal APK. These size savings resulted in up to 11% more downloads, higher upgrade speeds, and fewer uninstalls. Visit the latest app size report in the Google Play Console to see how much your app can save.

Effective & Integrated app development

With the support of the Android Studio app kit, you can optimize for 64-bit specifications without increasing the size of the package. As a result, Play will have the necessary native code needed for each unit. Android application development India can help you in getting started with effective & integrated app development.

Seamlessly build instant applications

You can create an instant game and make people try your game from the Play Store or the Play Games app without first downloading your app, using the same package artifact for your installed game and instant experience. Android app development company can help you in seamlessly building instant applications.

Improved asset delivery

Play Asset Distribution expands the bundle format of the software to support game properties. Games will package large game properties as part of a single app kit artifact with custom distribution options to replace the need for extension files (OBBs). Android application development India can help you in reducing the asset size to improve the ultimate asset delivery.















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