How To Market A New Product- Low Cost Marketing Strategies

So you’ve invented the next great gadget, and you’re sure it’ll be a hit. In fact, you’ve got cartons of inventory stored in every room of your house that you’re itching to sell, sell, sell. Your test market said they love it, but how can you reach the legions of consumers you’re sure will want to buy it?

Here’s a relatively simple, proven strategy that’ll teach you how to market a product and grow your sales.

Network Marketing for SMB

Network Marketing/ Multi Level Marketing

A business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually such businesses are also multilevel marketing in nature in that payouts occur at more than one level. Network Marketing / Relationship Marketing/Mutlilevel Marketing became famous due to low investment cost in advertising.
If you’re new to the network marketing industry or you’re poking around to see if it’s for you, here are five reasons network marketing is perfect for service-oriented, big-hear-ted, fun-loving, freedom-seeking, conscientious people:
  • Customers advertise your products and company brand effectively even multiple times
  • No need to hire employee to sale your products
  • The more you “grow yourself” the more you grow your business
  • You don’t have a boss, and you don’t have to be a boss
  • It’s the only business where you can create true financial and time freedom with a proven system.

What Do I Do Next?

You must develop a compensation or reward plan (Plan) for your ISP’s ( Independent Salespeople). This will set out in detail all the benefits to be paid or awarded to your ISP’s for their sales performance.  There are three main types of compensation plans: Single Level , Multi Level and Binary.
You must decide how you want your business to operate
  • Party Plan
  • Network Marketing
  • Door to Door or Catalog Drop
  • A combination of two or three

Pricing your product will be one of the first issues you must determine when planning to start your own DSO ( Direct Sales Organization ). You must carefully calculate the total costs of running your business, including the:

  • Cost of product
  • Total benefits payable to ISP’s under your plan
  • Cost of distribution
  • Promotional Costs
  • Overhead expenses
You must be sure that there is sufficient margin in the selling price of your product to recover all those costs and leave you with a profit.When setting the selling price of your products you should be confident that they are priced competitively when compared with other products on the market.
As a consultant to Direct selling companies, Maxtra Technologies also Offer Compensation Plan consulting.
Do You Need Help With Your Compensation Plan?
We can design specifically for your company a dynamic compensation plan that motivates and rewards all, or evaluate a compensation plan that you wrote or that was written by others.
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Why Software required to manage your Network marketing Business?
Creating a business with long-term viability means seeing beyond what is required for launch and understanding that as you grow so will your operational requirements. This means focusing on scalable solutions that can grow with you. The last thing you want are software solutions that will limit your growth potential. Distributor recruitment by direct sales and network marketing companies can be very competitive. The first step to growing and protecting your distributor base providing them with the tools and information they need to be successful.
Knowing how to be good is good for your business, so please use this list
  • Communicate in writing
  • Be Clear
  • Be Wide Eyed
  • Be Early
  • Prioritize Features
  • Agree on Deadlines
  • Assume It Doesn’t Work
  • Don’t Wait to Test
  • Express Appreciation

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