Maxtra Matrix Plan and Binary Plan:

Matrix Plan mlm software:

A matrix plan lays down restrictions on the number of distributors you can have in your team, and the levels up to which you get paid for training them. If your company follows a 4*5 matrix, it means you can have frontline distributors’ up to 4 levels, and can share revenues up to 5 levels.

Binary Plan mlm software:

Binary Plan strives to maintain a balance in the sales, and revenue generation from your team. It places restriction on the number of people you can employ under you, at two. These 2 distributors can recruit another 2 distributors under them. The plan compensates by taking the total sales from each of these 2 trees (distributors) and pay is decided based on the lower tree’s performance. Such a compensation model makes you work hard and keep both the trees performance on same level.

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