Popular Mobile App Framework In 2020

Have you ever asked what things are being used to make all of the smartphone apps that make your life even easier? From waking up in the morning to going to the office on time, on some gorgeous smartphone devices, all happens with a few finger taps. These are called location-based services apps that drive today’s app generation.

There are thousands of mobile app development frameworks behind the scene of these mystery applications which aim to offer you the best user experience at your fingertips. The demand for smartphone device growth is rising at a pace of CAGR 14 percent and is projected to cross USD 100 trillion by 2022. Mobile application development service providers leverage many frameworks to build the perfect app for devices.

Let’s understand some of the top development frameworks for mobile app development leveraged by mobile application development service providers which make the creation of apps simple:

Popular Mobile App Frameworks


Swiftic is one of the best emerging mobile device applications accessible on the iOS platform. It provides an easy-to- usesGUI. Using Swiftic is a good choice because you have the money-back guarantee offer on all their plans on 30 days. In fact, it has another 6-month reward program for results. If you don’t see any feedback from that, the service is free for 6 months. An iOS centered mobile application development service provider leverages Swiftic to churn out high-quality iOS apps.

Native scripts

Native Script is an open-source platform for developing web software apps with Angular, Typescript, Html, CSS, and Vue.js capabilities. Native Script is a popular platform for growing machine programming and a period of device loads. Several leading corporations are fond of utilizing Native Scripts for their effective online mobilization tool.

React native

React Native is the perfect JavaScript framework for developing native apps on all platforms and devices. Through React Native, you can create a variety of iOS and Android apps. It also enables platform-specific versions of different components to be developed, allowing efficient usage of common codebase across multiple platforms. In 2018 Facebook launched this group-oriented JS archive.


Xamarin is one of the main programming platforms for mobile app development, which is focused on .Net. Microsoft is implementing the native interface. As a cross-browser and open-source framework for developing the device, Xamarin provides a runtime, SDK, product creation community, etc. This is a community of. Net developers assisted by growing software, databases, and programming languages. With Xamarin mobile application development service providers, you can create native apps for Android, tvOS, watchOS, iOS, macOS, and Windows with the help of an engaged community.


Ionic lets you create hybrid and inclusive collaborative Web apps along with cross-platform apps. This open-source platform offers premium device development services. Ionic includes Cloud, Android, and iOS applications. You will also continuously build applications when operating in Ionic, and send them to the deployable locations. Ionic Studio is Ionic’s flash edition and it’s very effective. Getting a simple virtual creation platform you can build it locally. Unlike the other mobile app development platforms ionic is still used as a perfect environment for its outbox apps.

Sencha EXT JS

Previously known as Sencha, it was combined with Ext JS and now the latest name is Sencha Ext JS. This JavaScript platform can be used to create a data-intensive web as well as smartphone apps. It’s also a foundation for web growth across platforms. Ext JS itself comprises more than 115 components of pre-integrated and high-efficiency UI. Several elements are calendar HTML5, pivot table, tables, trees, converter D3, charts, menus, forms, toolbars, screens, panels, etc. And Sencha has about hundreds of extensions for consumers.

Adobe PhoneGap

Together, Adobe and Apache support Adobe PhoneGap which is commonly used for Android app creation. The top application software system utilizes cross-platform technology of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Adobe PhoneGap is at its heart an open-source software framework and you can connect the applications to the mobile devices.


Flutter is a Google support toolkit for the development of native cloud, smartphone, and desktop applications. This UI toolkit features completely customizable widgets to enable the short-term development of native applications. In comparison, the stacked construction of the Flutter guarantees faster part rendering.


Corona is a cross-platform & open-source software environment, ideal for games and apps creation. This is also regarded as the heart of the 2D gameplay. With Corona, you can render both smartphone and web apps. Its software includes iOS, iPadOS, smartphones, Kindle Fire, Mobile phones, Mac Pc, Windows Pc, and so on. You can even create compatible Fire TV, Apple TV, and Google TV apps.

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