Some Important Features Before Developing An Uber-Like App

Uber, like the on-request transport service app, has changed the total situation of taxi booking. This assistance model can be applied to practically every one of the businesses. Uber began its interruption from an iOS application and at first, it could just book rides for clients. 

Presently it has been refreshed and gives different kinds of administrations to clients. A portion of the Uber refreshes is Uber Black, UberX, UberPool which helps clients in upgrading their Uber ride insight. 

Uber’s methodology is straightforward. It saw a typical trouble spot, fostered an answer for address it, and in doing as such, totally altered the manner in which individuals saw taxi booking as a help. Because of Uber’s basic and simple to utilize highlights, it has acquired incredible notoriety across the globe. 

Prior, one needed to call up the taxi employing/leasing organization to book a taxi or truly go out to search for one at the taxi stand. The measure of time one needed to trust that their taxi will show up, and the cheating by drivers didn’t help all things considered. Uber took the entire interaction on the web, and it additionally made taxi booking and ride-sharing much simpler, more straightforward, and less expensive. 

Need to assemble an application like Uber or Lyft? Here, we have incorporated the rundown of components that you wouldn’t have any desire to miss and how to foster those provisions, the evaluating structure, and the tech stack.

Let Us Check The Components of An Uber-Like Business Highlights 

The Customer App

Track The Ride 

Uber gives an alternative to its traveler to follow the ride after they booked their ride. At the point when the traveler goes into the taxi and drops at the ideal area, the driver needs to move toward the solicitation and drives towards the area. 

To discover the area of the driver the client can follow the taxi from the guide which is incorporated into the application. An Uber like app development company India can help you in building a high-quality app.

Fee Estimation of The Ride 

The traveler will actually want to gauge the cost of the ride in advance based on the pickup area and the drop area. 

The toll might shift according to the choice of the vehicle. In the event that the traveler stops at various areas between the pickup and drops area, the charges will be remembered for admission. 

Various Methods of Payments

Uber makes the installment mode more eco-accommodating by giving different methods of installment. It gives different payments modes like Visa card, Debit card, Cash, Mobile wallet card, and so on 

Track Ride history 

This element helps the travelers who consistently lean toward Uber on an everyday schedule. This assists the clients with getting all the itemized data about their rides in a particular period. It gives all the itemized data about the rides of a particular date. 

Book Currently Ride Later 

This is a high-level element in Uber that assists travelers with planning their rides ahead of time. The client will get the subtleties of the driver before one hour of the booked ride. 

Emergency Signal 

This is the best element of the “Uber Like” application developed by an Uber like app development company India. At whatever point the traveler feels shaky he/she can press the signal for emergency response, this sends a warning to the closest police headquarters, the specialists of the Uber just as to the close relatives of the traveler. 

Savvy Wallets and Split Charges 

Uber gives savvy wallet alternatives to its travelers they can pay the charge utilizing these keen wallets by adding these to their financial balances. The clients can part the charge between themselves as Uber gives the component of parting the passage. 

The Driver App 

Driver Delivery Report 

This component guarantees the security of both the driver just as the traveler. Uber gives definite data about the driver just as the driving style of the driver. The report is the synopsis of the driving style of the driver in the whole week, month, and so on.

Course Optimization 

This is the most proficient element as it gives the best and the upgraded course to the drivers so they can arrive at the objective in the quickest time. 

Prize Earning 

This aids the driver in bringing in additional cash. The driver needs to finish the objective number of rides in an offered time to procure the prizes and this feature can be easily implemented by an Uber like app development company India.

More Limited 2-minute Dropping Window 

At the point when the driver arrives at the get area, the initial 2 minutes are non-chargeable during that time the traveler can drop the ride. Assuming the traveler takes a great deal of time, they need to pay the charge for that additional time alongside the base toll of the ride. 


A heat map is essentially a guide perspective on the interest. The drivers will actually want to know the areas where the proportion of travelers are more and can move to that area so they can bring in more cash. 

Things One Should Remember Prior To Fostering The Uber-like Application 

The ideal method to fabricate a Uber-like application through an Uber like app development company India is to construct the essential application form and need to concentrate availability cautiously. You ought to be very much aware of the conceivable new advancements for fostering a driver and traveler application. The primary concern is to do a decent exploration for your “Uber Like” application and to guarantee that your business is in safe hands. 

Fostering an “Uber Like” application through an Uber like app development company India is an extraordinary thought, however one ought to consistently think to serve each partner who is related with this application. There shouldn’t be any inclination in the measure of advantage from the application.


So here is everything that you should keep in mind before developing an Uber like app for your on-demand ride-hailing business. You should integrate all these features before you hop on to the development journey of your on-demand Uber like app.


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