Top 10 Web Development Trends and Prediction for 2020

web development trends 2020

The evolution in the web development trends has already set high standards and 2020 will take this a notch higher. Also that there is a huge advancement in display technologies especially for mobile devices so that the users can make the most of what they see or read, it has become important for web designers to maintain pace with the trends predicted for the upcoming year 2020.

These trends are likely to transform the way web development was carried before. From wireframing to SEO optimization, everything will be impacted by the web development trends that are going to emerge in 2020. Let’s have a quick look at the 10 trends of web development that will help us transform our business reach in many ways.

  1. Minimalism

The first impression always matters especially for attracting first-time visitors to your website. Make sure you pay attention to visuals and shift to minimalism as it is expected to mark a world of difference for your website visuals. Go for more appealing and easy on the eye designs as well as the content.

The minimal designs will help you bring the loading time down and take the user engagement high with improved accessibility.

  1. Customization in UI/UX

User experience is more important than anything in the web development arena to present your products and services to your customers. You must understand that there has been a major shift in user expectations and 2020 requires you to come up with personalized UI/UX experiences for your users.

For this, you have to be specific about the kind of audience you have and their preferences. Only then you will be able to offer them personalized UI experiences.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will soon take over the content curation process from the hands of editors to display the content that matches the user intent. However, this doesn’t imply much change with content production processes. The users will find the relevant content much easier and in less time.

Hence, web developers need to adopt the AI to give users extended freedom to filter the content they want

  1. Native Chatbots

Interactive platforms are gaining traction due to social media and messaging apps. Due to this, users are likely to go for websites that offer native chatbot support to explore and discuss things in the most comfortable way they want.

Chatbot brings a host of opportunities for business – be it on a website or in application to enhance the user experience with new and improved ways.

  1. Voice-Enabled Navigation

Since its the era of voice-based searches, web developers should voice-enabled navigation as a priority to give people user-friendly options to find the relevant information, regardless of their demography.

Voice navigation can make your user’s life easier in many ways. So, web developers take a dig before your competitors take advantage.

  1. SEO-Focussed Content

Web content was already created keeping the SEO-driven ideation. It has become a staple need for writers and developers to come up with SEO-friendly content that can be searched in a much faster and precise way.

Adopting the SEO-first content strategy will give you an added advantage to maintain a competitive edge and take the lead in the upcoming year.

  1. Augmented Reality Features

AR features have triggered a surge in web development norms. AR has already made its way in web development to leverage user’s more flexibility. And, it is likely to grow in interesting ways.

So, be ready to bring in the experience of the real-world elements in your web development projects if you want to bridge the gap between reality and its virtual presence in 2020.

  1. Responsiveness in New Shape

Well, talking of responsiveness in new shape is a clear implication that desktop-only websites are not going to have a longer life. More you will think about leveraging on-the-go experience to the users; more likely you tend to become their favorite.

Make sure you think of responsiveness first the next time you head on for a web development project.

  1. GDPR Compliance

The GDPR Compliance has come into effect for a year now and has brought so many changes to the web development trends. It has become a necessity than welcome addition to all web-based services.

Make sure the website you create adheres to the standards defined by the European internet policy.

  1. Improved Data Security

Last but not least, data security has always been a topmost concern for website users. You have to ensure that all the visitors’ data is safe with you to keep their trust on the business website you create.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that none of us knows what trends and predictions will grow to their fullest potential in 2020. However, we have a list of transformations that could impact the web development company to a great extent. Prep up for the predictions we discussed above and you will be able to save time on optimization later. These trends will set new benchmarks in improving website visibility, which will ultimately help you to increase product conversions and sales.

Hope this blog post helped you have an idea about the upcoming changes to the web development industry.

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