5G to Introduce 4 New eCommerce Trends in 2019

E-Commerce trends in the era of 5G

2019 is supposed to be the launch year of 5G in different parts of the world. The fifth-generation evolution of mobile network will change the way that people are connected with the online services and product. This will impact eCommerce website development as well.

With 2019 already well underway, it’s time to think about preparing your online store for next year. But what are the e-commerce trends that await you? From ever more personalized customer experience to the concrete adoption of augmented reality during the purchasing process, we have gone through the inevitable innovations that will boost your sales like never before!

According to the latest studies, the e-commerce sector will know major changes and they concern all the countries of the world. From the deployment of 5G to artificial intelligence to manage inventory, the industry has never faced such a concentration of technological innovations to optimize all aspects of an e-commerce site. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, it’s time to move to another business era and get ready for 2020 now.

There is no doubt that with its low latency and high bandwidth, 5G is set to change the game in a digital world that is changing at high speed. However, operators must exercise caution and anticipation when planning and implementing this often a very expensive investment.

Here are some eCommerce trends for the era of 5G:


  • Increased Customers, Increased Revenue

A recent study claimed that 5G will increase the eCommerce revenue with a very high ratio. The logic is very simple here. 5G means increased Internet accessibility and a smoother experience for customers to browse and shop more products than before.

  • Increased Use of VR and AR

The ultra-fast speed of 5G networks will likely to improve the experience of VR and AR for people. There will be no more buffering to irritate them. The improved quality in VR and AR will give eCommerce a significant boost in terms of user experience.

  • Enhanced AI Capabilities

The 5G networks will also improve the experience with AI tools like virtual assistants and chatbots. Such a huge transformation will drastically improve the customer services especially for the eCommerce sites with a widely spread network. The virtual tools will also be able to deliver personalized recommendations.

  • The Inclination for Smart Wearables

Another area, which will be improved with the emergence of 5G, is smart wearables. The high data transfer speed will allow instant analysis of data and give recommendations. More will be speed, higher will be the data inflow and better will be the decision making.

You have now increased clarity on the upcoming trends, better prepare for 5G now than bearing the consequences by lagging.

As soon as 5G will touch our lives, we will experience a drastic change in the way we operate IoT devices. Every eCommerce brand should have the right things in place to serve the needs of tomorrow that will arise with the newest technology 5G. They should be ready for more personalization, fastest speeds, and incredible accessibility to the Internet.

It is a very important step for eCommerce businesses to invest in a headless CMS so that they can deliver the best experiences for every device including AR/VR, smart wear techs, etc.

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Is your eCommerce site ready to cope up the changes that the era of 5G is ready to bring?  If not, get in touch with Maxtra Technologies for the best eCommerce website development services. They will help you with the best suitable solution.

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