Top 6 Apps Made With Flutter Framework

Every app developer wishes to have the capacity to develop the application for multiple platforms but with minimal change in the code. These days, the use of the flutter platform has become the preference of maximum developers. Different platforms have different features and hence you can find about the flutter as well.  

The important thing is to know about the flutter and how does it support. Multiple reasons you can find for the selection of the flutter platform to build the app. most often, businesses want to outsource the app development service to the leading and the Best App Development Company in India. That is why; they can achieve such aspects by exploring the reputed app development companies.

Google itself had introduced the flutter that exists as the open-source and cross-platform app development. The most admirable aspect of the flutter is that developers can compile it for various platforms t once their coding process is completed. Such a feature has made the flutter the choice of app developers. The flutter has a variety of features that include the Dart. It is the underlying programming language. Further, you can see the availability of the flutter engine which is the rendering support layer.

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Apps Built With Flutter Are:

The flutter has the potential to help developers create various applications. It is a feature reach platform that allows them to build the most efficient app for the clients. Developers working with the Best Flutter App Development Company in India are highly experienced professionals. They have capabilities to support the development process of the mobile app. the most considerable aspect is that; they can easily create an app as per the demand of the customers.  

The changing trend and requirements lead to challenges. Thus, the involvement of the innovative app based on the flutter can help you get the best app ever. Technological advancements are the core of every trend. You must know that people immediately want to shift to futuristic technology. 

But the development companies also need an easy platform to keep managing and meeting the demand of clients. Therefore, you can observe that flutter has provided developers with great ease of development processes. They can instantly build the app for various platforms with no hassles. They are not supposed to change the code structure at a huge level. You can take a glance over some of the applications based on the flutter:

Google Ads: 

Google ads are important for the management of ad campaigns. Businesses use it for the creation of ad campaigns that may help them promote their business. Thus, you can say that Google ad is the most efficient way of creating the customer base for your business. You can observe it with the featuring design which enables you to reveal the host information. Another thing is that you can easily track the status of your Google ad campaigns which usually include the impressions, clicks, and conversions. Apart from these, you will get the platform for the management of your bids on campaigns along with receiving real-time alerts. 

Xianyu By Alibaba:

It exists as the Chinese multinational eCommerce platform. It has adopted the use of the flutter to deliver the shopping service to the customers. Thus, with the utilization of the flutter, Alibaba has successfully launched the Xianyu. It works faster and more smoothly and also it is easy to use for even new users. 

Xianyu helps users to buy and sell various products. Apart from these, it also provides them with options of different categories to choose the products as per the desired and quality. Therefore, you can conclude that the availability of such technology has allowed people to connect with the online marketplace quickly. Thereafter, they get the platform to buy the products simply by choosing what they like.

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It is the platform that is helping you to store your thoughts in one place. Here, you can manage all those in an orderly fashion. It allows you to have an overview of the previous days. by going through those, you can easily analyze how you have grown from the path days. Developers have begun to use the flutter for the development of the Reflect. Since they realize that have can have the code option only once for different platforms like Android and iOS. Such a factor is the most effectible platform for managing time. 


If you talk about the Watermaniac then it is a flutter-based application. It empowers you to monitor the intake of water you take once a day. That is an amazing app that let you find how many alerts you are drinking per day. Apart from these, you can also set an alert to get a reminder for sufficient intake of the water. Another thing you can find about flutter is that the app based on it is usually lightweight. Therefore, developers get the opportunity to update the application easily from time to time.


It is the story editing application for Instagram. By using Postmuse, you can get multiple appealing templates. Therefore, such an aspect will assist you in editing stories quickly available on Instagram. This application also offers you to recognize your potential regarding your creativity factor. Thus, the developers use the flutter to develop the Postmuse app.


The application is capable of keeping users updated with information about Hamilton, videos, bits of information, daily trivia, and fun stickers for a chat. It also helps users reach merchandise. Further, you can easily access its lottery section as per your selected location and cities where you want.

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Final words:

With the use of the flutter, developers are building various kinds of app. the only thing is that you have to think about having a connection with the Best App Development Company India. That will ensure you to the fullest. Since the quality service, for development process matters significantly for business. Therefore, you have to be careful at the time of choosing the flutter app development company. You can also research the market to know which company leads the development process. 


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