Why React JS is The Best Platform For Web Development 2020?

It is a major matter today to pick the right front-end technology. A variety of innovations have been on the market in today’s age of web creation, all built for various uses. React is one such application that nearly every organization has used. Why is this, however? Why use the project reaction? Where will Reactjs be used? Let’s find out what are certain Reactjs use cases and how do you use them for your next project?

It all started in 2015 when our developers began to play with React, and our codebase eventually conquered. It has helped us, as a front-end library, to easily create and iterate complex, solid products on them. We currently have more than 100 web applications delivered, most of which are complemented by React. 

Having modified web development measurements, we will explore how Reactjs, a javascript UI library. We understand what its advantages are and when you can use it on the next application project. A web application development services company will be able to leverage all the benefits of React JS web development.

Web Development Before React JS

Before 2015, let’s go to the technology room where it was just scripting and rendering site creation. When the front end was dominated by languages like Javascript, CSS, and PHP. A web application development services company had to undergo numerous problems regarding web development.

Back then, web creation had been too simple. What we did have to do was place some directories on static HTML pages and make them with PHP. Although this is not a new and intuitive way to create websites, a two-way connection between a client and a server has always been feasible. The entire credit goes to Rendering Server Side (SSR). 

This is how we have been making mobile apps for decades, but what we did not see comes after Javascript libraries such as Reactjs is a renaissance in web sites. A web development services company has now simplified web development using React JS. A web application development company too is crucial for the latest web development practices for React JS.

Why Choose React JS For Web Development?

Launched in 2015, the Isomorphic javascript library allowed developers to create interactive, blazing speed Web applications. The reaction was mostly used in online or smartphone apps for display rendering. It allowed developers to build reusable, independent modules. 

Therefore, when any vital component of a web application broke, the remaining components became much better off. Also, React added this wonderful function called Virtual DOM, which allows developers to apply SSR each time, without modifying the entire view. A web development services company can help you in leveraging the power of React JS for your web development.

You have the right to use server-side rendering with React. Through using React SSR, the data can be viewed on your server’s webpage and not by Javascript on your browser. As the original rendering is performed on the server, the following pages are loaded from the client directly. Isn’t that the strongest of all worlds?

For eg, you want customer-side routing to guarantee a swift navigation experience for the end-user when creating a complex front end or SPA. Today, when you introduce SSR, navigation is not something you would like to miss. A web development services company is crucial for React JS web development.

Fortunately, on the client-side, you can also use Reactjs and configure navigation. It means that the original renderer uses SSR and the navigation process is SPA-like. Here are some of the key reasons why developers favor React JS for web development.

Developers find it easy to learn

One of the most critical issues of developers is the option of an easy-to-learn and apply system (or library). A web application development company can leverage the power of React JS for web development.

For developers who know Javascript, the answer is easy to understand. So ReactJs can be your best bet if you have a team of developers who have a really good Javascript version. However, while Javascript is not familiar to developers, Reaction may be the correct starting point. Concerning Angular, Respond has a straight curve of learning.

Possibility to reuse components

In React, there are components to the submission. You will start to create small components, such as buttons, checkboxes, drop-downs, menus, etc, and build wacker components to these smaller components. A web development services company can reuse existing React JS components and lead to the effective utilization of time.

And if you begin to write the higher wrapper, you will have one root component and multiple hierarchical components. Now no brainer: in React, every part has its logic. Then you’re good to go if you want to reuse your button component via your app. I’m pretty sure everyone wants their idea to be reusable. Now you remember the library, don’t you?

Provides a unique abstraction layer

The fact that React enables a good abstraction layer is another lesser recognized advantage concerning the enterprise, ensuring that an end-user can’t reach complicated internals. A web application development company can leverage the unique abstraction layer for web development.

Only certain fundamentals must be known to your creator, and internal functions best known. Moreover, no architectural templates such as MVC, MVP, and MVVM are dictated. Your creator will build an app in any way that he or she finds acceptable.

Provides numerous developer-friendly resources

The React is a colorful, diverse ecosystem. Developers can find thousands of prepared and customizable maps, graphics, documentation tools, and other components that enable them to construct a web app without reinventing the wheel in less time. 

There is a wonderful set of tools and tutorials from Reactjs, which help developers create amazing things. A web application development company or a web development services company can leverage all the developer-friendly resources for React JS web development. 


Reactjs is a very nice contribution to projects that require reusability of elements, impressive user interactions, or wild animations. That said this is a comprehensive UI library for small, medium, and even large-scale businesses to develop projects. A web application development company is crucial for ensuring the success of React JS based web projects.

Therefore for their long-term strategic plans, many businesses depend heavily on the reaction. The use case of Reactjs is defined in detail in this article. Until you want to include it in your project, remember the mapping of these use cases and the functions. 


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