7 Essential E-commerce Tools for Every Small Business

A substantial portion of the total shopping sector is compensated for by e-commerce. However, in today’s business environment, there is no criticism of e-commerce potentials. In 2012, global B2C e-commerce revenues were about $1 trillion, a study from eMarketer reports, and growth is steadily growing.

E-commerce has changed customer behavior along with technology and product creativity by offering digitally personalized products where companies redefine user connexons with social media. But the rivalry is necessary for the e-commerce sector, like every other industry. It is also necessary, at least in order to give customers greater value.

Here are the 7 essential eCommerce tools that are essential for every small business. An eCommerce website development company that provides eCommerce development services can help you in leveraging all these tools.

7 Essential Ecommerce Tools For Small Businesses


Unbxd is a comparatively recent entrance into the toolkit of the e-commerce marketer. Intelligent,’ context-aware’ web search and customized reviews are given by Unbxd. Unbxd is a one-stop product exploration solution that offers the means to customize the web search that offer reviews for advertisers and merchandisers.

Web search is an increasingly critical aspect of the user interface with e-commerce pages. Around 30 percent of site users can use site search, according to consultancy, and according to one report, users using site search translated to 4.63 percent compared to the site’s average of 2.77 percent, more than 1.8 times more effective!

Google Adwords

Organic search is a successful tool for traffic acquisition and product promotion but not necessarily high conversion rates. Google AdWords is one platform that will help you to market your e-commerce site and improve sales as well. In Google’s search and advertising network, you can build and run advertisements using this method.

Google Adwords shows the advertisements based on their relevance to the keywords used by the searcher(s). Therefore, the commercials will be submitted to searchers interested in the product/brand. Since this tool operates on the basis of ‘Pay Per Press,’ it lets you save on your promotional budget. In addition, it offers in-depth analysis to help you evaluate the efficacy of ads in determining your brand message’s appeal.


This is a popular website navigation system that lets online retailers interact with related items and improve sales to shoppers. For their sophisticated product search and category navigations, some of the leading eCommerce companies like Stanley Black & Decker have used SearchSpring.

Using SearchSpring, you can better gather search data, refine auto-completion, have appropriate search results, automatically redirect search, and push search conversions. Using sophisticated web management technologies it unleashes findability to improve your e-commerce revenue. Using this tool you will get perspectives such as ‘Top Search Questions’ and ‘No Results Found.’


This is one of the best A / B measurement instruments that is used to calculate the influence of improvements in the configuration of two versions. A / B research lets you compare different formats, colors, and copy to decide what performs better and contributes to higher sales for your e-commerce web site.

Any of the major brands like Fab and Sony make maximum use of it. A collection of bundles to promote varying levels of interaction is offered by this application. The simple kit is a good start for an online shop with less than 2000 monthly customers. An eCommerce website development company providing eCommerce development services can help you in leveraging Optimizely for your business requirements.


Want to boost customer service without having to pay a fortune? The platform you can check for is Zendesk. It lets you offer great customer service without the need for a customer support team. This platform has a multitude of advanced features that allow you to generate tickets for customer care, fix tickets, use templated solutions, generate parts of self-help, and monitor the success of your customer service.

Via phone calls, social networks, text, talk, or scan, it gathers all of the questions/issues posed by clients and compiles them in one place. Using Zendesk, you can also have proactive talks with your clients and give them surveys. This software is used by companies including Groupon and Gilt for their customer service solutions. An eCommerce website development company that provides eCommerce development services can help you in leveraging Zendesk for your eCommerce business.

Crazy Egg

For e-commerce pages, heat-map and scroll-map are major insights. In order to get a deeper understanding of how your visitors communicate with your online shop, resources such as Crazy Egg allow you to see which portions of your web pages your visitors click on. These observations are instrumental in enhancing conversion rates.

For heat mapping, some of the leading e-commerce firms such as Amazon, eBay, Zappos, and Dell use Mad Egg. You can see which pages get the most number of clicks by using this method. The scrolling maps often display how far your guests are scrolling down. An eCommerce website development company that provides eCommerce development services can help you in leveraging Crazy Egg for your eCommerce business.

Bounce Exchange

Bounce Exchange is based on technologies for “exit purpose”. The potential of this call to action is frequently ignored by online marketers but exit intent will potentially skyrocket your sales figures. Bounce Exchange shows the call to action as a tourist is about to leave the website with the intention of catching their attention through a lightbox with an enticing bid.

This method monitors the mouse movements of tourists in real-time. Before tourists leave your place, the aim is to catch a lead. It is a much better choice to interrupt the guests as soon as they arrive than to show those irritating popups. PacSun is now using this program with other major players in the e-commerce sector to improve the company’s transaction rates. An eCommerce website development company that provides eCommerce development services can help you in using Bounce Exchange for your business.


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