A Step-By-Step Guide To Building An On-Demand Appointment App For Patients And Doctors

It’s not that easy for the patients, though. We all remember the days when in the long queues we waited. I’m sure most of us still recall the distinctive scent of the “hospital.” And the blemish of all the hopeless patients to make matters worse is more than adequate for all of us to cause fear and panic. However, we can end all these discomforts thanks to the on-demand app for the doctor. 

The advantages of IT advances in healthcare are used by physicians of the 21st Century to provide fast treatment for a large number of people. The following figures show this: Since 2017 nearly 1.7 trillion smartphone users have a medical app which makes up half the total worldwide smartphone users. These statistics indicate that the healthcare industry is revolutionising with doctor booking and appointment options on demand.

Healthcare applications have evolved exponentially in recent years. The global IT healthcare market will hit $280 billion by 2021, according to Markets and Markets, with an impressive annual growth rate of 16%. More interesting is that the mobile market share in 2017 was about $26 billion, with annual growth of 17%. Here is a step-by-step guide regarding the features of an on-demand app for patients and doctors.

Step by Step Guide to Build Appointment App

The providers of health care and payments are now using alternative approaches to conventional physician appointments. New digital health technology has emerged as a saviour in this quest, which allows patients and physicians almost to make appointments. A healthcare app development company India can help you in developing a robust appointment app.

Profile creation 

The first major feature of the on-demand doctor reservation and appointment application is the development of both the doctor and patient profile. This offers valuable information for both doctors and patients to build their respective profiles. The following details may be given to the doctor’s profile. A healthcare app development company India can help you integrate robust profile management features for your appointment app.

Detail searching options

This function allows patients the opportunity to scan for the right doctor. Patients may use different philtres such as the medical profession, treatment level, pricing and time range, insurance and many more to check for physicians. For instance, if a patient has heart disease, he would look for a cardiologist in his local environment rather than search for physicians from the database in its entirety.

Appointment booking features

The patient will submit the appointment request once the appropriate doctor is identified. An integrated chat is also provided to allow the patient to address more questions or questions. When the doctor and the patient are all on the same page, the doctor accepts the request for an appointment. A healthcare app development company India can help you in building the perfect appointment app that suits any requirements.


This feature allows users to receive push alerts even though they do not use them on their cell phones. The administrator can also submit appointments, prescriptions and much more. A healthcare app development company India can help you integrate push notifications in your appointment app.

Payment options

As the world moves towards a cashless business, you have to incorporate a built-in payment gateway into your doctor’s app on request. This helps you to make payments without any hassles in various ways, including a credit card, debit card and wallet. Payment is also the last step, so you mustn’t leave this step any of your customers.

Medical emergency features

When a medical emergency will arise, no one can foresee. That’s why you need a feature that can handle all SOS and emergency cases in your online appointment booking app. This feature allows the user to call an ambulance by simply clicking on their smartphone. 

Video conferencing features

The online app reservation of apps is a significant aspect of live video conferencing. It allows users to communicate with their doctors directly. This role saves the time of the consumer because he doesn’t have to always go to clinics. 

Document sharing features

Patients may share their previous prescription and medical history with their physicians with this feature. The diagnostic function helps physicians. A healthcare app development company India can help you integrate document sharing features within your app.

GPS Tracking

This function enables both patients and doctors to find one another on specific and short routes in the least possible time.


We have tried in this blog to cover all the key issues in the building of an app for a doctor on demand. We first saw the various models of income you could choose for. All of the functions required for your doctor’s application have been listed below. We saw all the features and we found some tips you need to follow to ensure that your application has been successfully created.


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