Build Your Own Real-time Chat App like WhatsApp?

What if you could create a messaging app that competed with WhatsApp and Telegram? It’s a common concern among company owners who want to create a messaging app. 

As a result, messengers have displaced other forms of communication as a necessary component of our daily life. For the first time since the invention of the telephone, we can’t picture our lives without messaging applications. 

A text chat app development company India gets a lot of questions about how to build a messaging app since chat applications are so popular. This article focuses on the most important elements of developing a chat app.

A messaging app’s design and functionality are influenced by the available tech stack. Let’s go at which technologies may assist you in developing a chat app that customers will like from the start. 

Guidelines to Build an App Like WhatsApp

Security Measures

When designing a chat app through a text chat app development company India, don’t forget about security features. Making a messaging software with high security is possible in a few ways. 

WhatsApp is an excellent example of a secure messaging service. WhatsApp teamed up with Open Whispers systems to develop a messaging software that respects the privacy of its users. With the assistance of this collaboration, the business was able to create a secure end-to-end encryption mechanism for the app. Not even WhatsApp can decode communications received via the app’s messaging service. This is an option for making a chat app that uses a third-party provider’s encryption mechanism. 

Also, the messaging software Telegram is an excellent illustration of how a secure chat app may be created. Telegram, on the other hand, makes use of its internal encryption mechanism. Changes are made to the cryptographic keys at least once per week or after a specific amount of messages have been delivered. One message can’t be used to decode them all even if it is intercepted. 

Back-end Design That Makes Sense 

The architecture of the solution should be designed and executed in the early phases of chat app development. As soon as you start working on a chat app through a chatting app development company India, keep in mind that you’ll have to handle and store a large amount of data in the process. 

An app’s backend, or core functionality, includes infrastructure such as RESTful APIs and databases as well as storage servers and communications protocols like XMPP. A chatting app development company India can integrate these APIs in your chatting application.

Push Notification Support

What are the best practices for creating a messaging app that people will use? One-time consumers may become some of your most loyal customers with the assistance of notification. Push notifications are a must-have feature for every chat app you design. Consider using Firebase Cloud Messaging for Android and Firebase or Apple Push Notifications for iOS to create a chat app with this functionality. 

Geolocation is Incorporated Into The Design. 

What’s the use of location tracking for a messenger? The answer is straightforward: it’s done for the benefit of the end consumer. You may allow users to share their location, or the locations of shops and restaurants they’ve visited, etc., with an iOS messaging app by using the CLLocationManager Class, and an Android messaging app by including the android.location package in the app. 

For users who received a message with a destination address, Telegram used geolocation tracking to assist them to find their way there. 

Cloud Synchronization Support

To differentiate your app from the others, use cloud synchronization. Text messages, movies, and other media files may all be synced across many devices via cloud synchronization. Furthermore, cloud synchronization makes it easy for users to recover their data if they misplace their smartphones. A text chat app development company India may use this as a starting point for creating a chat app that is distinct from WhatsApp and Viber. 

Cross-Platform vs. Mative App 

To begin, you must choose between building a native app and a hybrid app. Making a hybrid system may seem like a good idea, but it’s really a bad one. Native apps provide a better user experience, greater performance, and the ability to incorporate more advanced features. Hybrid applications built by a chatting app development company India, on the other hand, have limited functionality and can’t provide a consistent user experience across all devices. 

If you want to learn how to build a chat app that has a large user base, make it accessible on a variety of platforms and devices. Create a web-based version as well, in addition to an app for iOS and Android through a chatting app development company India.


This is an introduction to the process of building a messaging app in general. It’s important to keep in mind that the procedure may be tailored to meet your specific needs and deadlines. We suggest that you go through the whole process of creating a chat app by a text chat app development company India before putting your app on the market.

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