How Much It Costs to Build a Grocery Shopping App like Bigbasket, Grofers

Online grocery stores are rapidly growing and becoming increasingly popular. The emergence of technology has made life much easier for retailers by allowing them to use these successful platforms to sell food products, including groceries, vegetables, fruits, beverages, staples and much more online.

Such platforms’ success is growing day by day with the ever-increasing customer base. From strolling in the grocery sections of supermarkets, people are switching to online options and this trend is sure to continue in the future as well, propelling further grocery app development.

Let’s have a look at the costs associated with a shopping app development by an app development company and what main points that you must keep in mind while developing a grocery shopping app for your grocery retail venture.

Points To Consider While Undertaking A Shopping App Development 

Every business wants to deploy a successful app for their grocery shopping business. But, what are the main constituents of a grocery shopping app that make it successful?

Here are a few points that you must keep in mind before undertaking a grocery app development through an app development company.

An Appealing UI and layout 

The application you will be creating should be easy to use but spectacular with stunning visuals. It should also feature simple navigation and superior functionality. An app development company can build a highly appealing UI for your grocery app. An appealing UI helps in successfully driving conversions and is proven to be very effective in driving repeat shoppers.

Assess your competitors 

It’s crucial to conduct thorough market research before developing an application. This will give you an idea of the key strengths and limitations of the rivals, from which you can identify the issues that need to be discussed and addressed. With the addition of unique features, it will give you an edge over the competitors.

Ensure a high level of personalization

The application should also provide users with features such as ‘favourite’ and ‘famous’ in its design style, some custom experiences soconsumers would be able to find the items they want. Ensure that your shopping app development pertains to a high level of personalisation options for the end-user.

Solve an issue that your consumers are experiencing

The main emphasis in a grocery app development will be put on designing a user-friendly application which is simple to use. So that end-users can quickly access it, and promote user interaction.

Besides that, it should be able to address certain customer pain points. One of the factors which to a large extent ensures the success of an application. In terms of the grocery app growth, Amazon’s Prime Now is the best example to illustrate this point with a unique feature of two-hour delivery service.

Shopping App Development Costs

The cost of creating a Grocery app like BigBasket and Grofers depends on various factors such as the difficulty of the project, the platform you select and the cost of the developers depending on their physical location as it varies from country to country.

If predicted, the expense to the food delivery system would fall for a single platform in the region of about $10,000 to $40,000. Whereas, if you’re going for the production of cross-platform grocery applications, you need to pay extra.

Costs for development would range from $30,000 to $60,000. Although the application will have additional features which will help draw more customers to your company.

Here is the per hour development cost for a shopping app development by an app development company for developers from different geo-locations.

Developer Geo-Location Cost
U.S. Developers $50 to $250 per hour
European Developers $30 to $150 per hour
Indian Developers $10 to $80 per hour

When you opt for the cross-supply feature, it will cost more than a single platform application. Adding more features to the cross-platform app will help you attract more audience and increase development costs up to $50,000. Therefore, measuring the total costs, understanding the advantages certainly helps in the successful advance.

Another cost affecting factor is the feature set that you opt for during the grocery app development. These are divided into two parts.

Apps with basic features

Basic features include User Profile, Bar Code / QR Code, Offer Zone, History of Orders and Customer Help Cart. These simple features help the online grocery store have a beautiful shopping experience for the consumer.

They clutter the ambiguity and allow users to easily enjoy the benefits of e-shopping. This gives an entirely new consumer experience, which helps the company prosper.

Apps with advanced features

The advanced features help to increase customer satisfaction and provide great options to meet the demands. With  the latest technologies, features such as calling & texting in-app, geolocation, data sync, push notification and much more can now be integrated within the apps.

Advanced apps alsoallow users to connect on an open forum to share important details such as a delivery address, landmark, time and other customer-related matters.  Additionally, safe payment options including loads of options such as debit/credit, cash on net banking delivery and much more are integrated within an advanced app.

Wrapping Up

Online grocery shopping app helps consumers make a purchase using their smartphone, tablets at their hands in the most convenient way possible. It solves all of the grocery shopping problems and simplifies the whole process. The simplicity and easy access is the main explanation for its success.

Using these channels, one can reap great benefits and discounted rates. In the event of a quality doubt, one can easily view the product review and get the alerts to know about the special offers and deals on different products available. If these points seem too much, remember that you can always hire an app development company for your grocery app development.

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