How Much Does It Cost to Create an On-Demand Delivery App?

The on-demand app development industry is booming. With the likes of UBER (a ride-hailing company) and Swiggy (On-demand food delivery aggregator) showing the world how the on-demand consumer market functions, we can now see on-demand delivery apps in almost every imaginable sector ranging from ride-hailing service providers to grocery delivery and medicine delivery.

We have also witnessed that on-demand app development has even given birth to cleaning apps that can help consumers in availing cleaning services whenever they want them. The demand is here to stay and it’s only a matter of time when we see witness more players entering the on-demand industry.

An on-demand app development company can help you in getting started with your grocery app development aspirations and get your business started. In this post, we will be looking at the costs involved in developing an on-demand delivery app developed by an on-demand app development company.

Costs Involved In An On-Demand Delivery App

An on-demand delivery app is developed in primarily 3 stages. Moving forward, we will focus on these three aspects of the on-demand delivery app facilitated by an on-demand app development company.

Moreover, this post will also shed some light on the costs involved in a grocery app development. Let’s begin!

The three stages of an on-demand app are:

  • The consumer-facing app.
  • The service provider or business app.
  • The web dashboard or service facilitation portal.

We will now analyse the costs involved in each of these aspects of an on-demand app.

The Consumer-Facing App

The development of the consumer-facing on-demand delivery app falls around the $37,000 ballpark and has numerous features that justify its high cost. Below is a breakdown of all the aspects of the consumer-facing app.

User profile: The user profile section in an on-demand application is the place where users can add personal information and this area also holds the user-specific registration details. The average cost of the user profile section development as facilitated by an on-demand app development company comes to be around $3,000.

Market place: This is the product catalogue area that is displayed to the users. The marketplace is the section where users spend most of their in-app time and it has a culmination of most of the UI elements to provide a seamless app experience. The cost of market place development comes around $11,000.

Map: Consumers want to see the movement of their products in real-time through integrated maps. This feature shows the whereabouts of the drivers and the ETA of the arrival of their products. The cost of map implementation in the consumer-facing app comes around $7,000.

Chat: Integrated chat support is gaining popularity in the recent days due to its non-intrusive nature and acts as an additional customer support mechanism. The development of chat support comes around #3,000.

Cart: The cart is the place where users purchases reside before the final payment is made. The cost of integrating a cart in your on-demand app comes around $5,000.

Orders section: The orders section helps consumers in looking over their past purchases and even track their recent orders. This section must make order tracking a breeze. The cost charged by an on-demand app development company providing grocery app development to be around $6,000.

Settings section: Settings sections allow users to set app-specific preferences and even personalize the app as per their requirements. The cost of the settings section implementation comes around $2,000.

The Service Provider Facing App

The service provider app section provides an interface for business owners to track their metrics and receive orders in real-time. The total cost of the service provider app as provided by a grocery app development firm comes around $30,000. Here is the cost breakdown.

User profile page: This page provides user-specific information to the service providers. Username, purchase history, live orders, and other such custom information can be sourced from the user profile page. The development cost for the user profile page in the service provider app comes around $2,000.

Marketplace: Just like the users, businesses too need to access their market place to get crucial insights and product specific information. The development cost of the marketplace section in the service provider app comes around $13,000.

Order section: This section provides information about the past orders that a consumer has placed. Businesses can track user-specific orders and view their status in real-time. The development cost of the order section comes around $12,000.

Chat: Businesses can chat with their inhouse support teams to solve consumer issues or use it for back-office communication. The development cost for chat integration in the service provider facing app comes around $1,500.

Settings: This section provides storage space for passwords, manuals, service terms, and other app-related settings. The development cost for the settings section in the service provider facing app comes around $1,500.

Web Dashboard And Service Facilitation

Service providers need a portal to facilitate their services and keep an eye on the customer metrics. This is made possible by an integrated web dashboard. It is very crucial to have a fully functional web dashboard and it is crucial for service providers to constantly analyse their service metrics.

The web dashboard is developed by an on-demand app development company to monitor all the resources and the real-time analytics of consumer app usage. Without a web dashboard, it won’t be possible to run an on-demand app business as it provides crucial data and real-time monitoring. The development cost of the web dashboard comes around $24,000.

Wrapping Up

With instant gratification becoming the norm, the demand for on-demand app development services is skyrocketing. An app development company can help businesses in building the perfect on-demand delivery app and boosting their business prospects.

Although the cost of the app development may seem on the higher side, the enormous increase in the business potential is something that every on-demand delivery business agrees upon.

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