How to Develop a Women’s Health Tracking Application?

Digital platforms have evolved from providing basic functionality to advanced healthcare diagnostics that can provide effective AI-driven consultations. 

Healthcare app development is aiming to reach the pinnacle of mobile app development as it has the potential of improving millions of lives across the planet.

If you are looking to develop a women health tracking app, there are several things that you need to keep in mind.

Of course, the primary requirement related questions would be what kind of healthcare service are you aiming to provide and what age demographic are you looking to cover?

A mobile app development company that provides healthcare app development services can help you perfectly in developing an advanced women health tracking application.

With the increase in the health consciousness level of women, it is imperative that this segment is poised to witness significant growth in the future.

Let’s have a look at how to develop a women’s health tracking application.

Women Health Tracking Application: Pre-requisites

Moving further, we will be talking about a few features that your women’s health tracking app must-have.


Integrating a sign-up process enables an extra level of personalization for the app. You can either have an independent account creation on the app or have a working social media log-in integration.

This onboarding process helps you in getting user identifiable data such as email address, phone number, date of birth, etc. and also helps your users in getting an initial idea of the functionality your app provides.

A mobile app development company that provides women healthcare app development services can help you in integrating various sign-up options that help in enhancing the apps’ personalization options.

Integrated Health Profile Categorisation

Users must not feel overwhelmed when signing up on your app. You must make sure that you ask only basic questions first such as weight, height, menstrual cycle, and allergies.

You can even allow users to skip the sign-up process and provide just the amount of details that can get the app started. Moreover, this is the only information that is required to provide users with a personalized experience.

Mobile app development companies are constantly incorporating advanced algorithms that supplement their healthcare app development goals that empower your users to have an excellent user experience.

Robust Notification System

Notifications are something that can drastically enhance your app’s opening rate and go a long way in enhancing the reliability quotient of your app.

Remember, too many notifications deters users away from your app and may even lead them to disable the notifications or even uninstall the app entirely.

Mobile app development firms can provide you with a dynamic notification system that is interactive and enhances the appeal of your healthcare app.

Healthcare app development is getting more advanced every day and you must leverage the potential of this domain.

Period Tracking Module

A majority of women find tracking their menstrual cycles a bit difficult. They need a robust system that notifies them about specific dates so they can stay vigilant and analyze changes in their well-being.

Just keep in mind keeping the interface visually appealing and does not bombard the user with excess information.

You can also put PMS notifications that help women in analyzing their menstrual health and well-being.

A mobile app development company that provides healthcare app development can help you in integrating a period tracking module in your healthcare app that helps women in getting insights about their menstrual cycles.

Symptom Analysis & Tracking

Similar to the latest Aarogya Setu app deployed by the GoI, your app can provide comprehensive symptom analysis and tracking that enhances the overall appeal of your healthcare app.

Mobile app development companies providing healthcare app development services can help your users in tracking and analyzing their symptoms and driving even more users to the app.

Digital Consultation Services

Similar to how apps like Practo and 1mg provide digital consultation services to their users, your healthcare app must provide functionality that can help users in connecting with doctors seamlessly from within the app.

Although mobile app development companies providing healthcare app development services can provide AI-powered consultations, women still do need to talk to a doctor for getting targeted assistance.

This can be achieved by onboarding doctors who are ready to provide healthcare assistance services and medication advice to your users using your app as the portal.

Wrapping Up

In the modern world, women are increasingly becoming conscious of their physical well-being, and a perfect healthcare app that specifically targets women can prove to be immensely successful.

Before you hop on to a mobile app development company providing healthcare app development services, you can conduct a survey to identify the needs of your customers and then move on to implement the features.

This ensures that your efforts are utilized optimally and ensure greater success for your women’s health tracking app.


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