How to Make an App Like Tinder: Check Out the Complete Insights Here

What is Tinder?

Tinder is an online dating app that pairs couples for their physical attraction. You decide whether you like the look of a person or not: If you do that, great;

Why Is Tinder The Most Popular Dating App?

The people we talked to about Tinder like it because it’s so easy: there’s no 400-question registration process, and it does not put you in a box to – as an example – tell you

And while ultimately, in a long-term relationship, personalities are important, Tinder realizes that developing an attraction that determines how well you suit a person often lags the way they look.

How to Create an App Like Tinder?

Creating an app like Tinder requires you to be well-versed with the programming or you must choose a reputed mobile app development company to develop the app for you.

Are you interested in the real app development costs? Then you are in the right place to gather all the details.

How much is the development of an app like Tinder?

Calculation of the cost of an app development

The cost of developing an app is made up of several areas. The three most important are:

  • Planning (defining functions and goals in the conception phase)
  • Design (mostly Material Design – Google Policies)
  • Programming (native to Android, iOS, Windows Mobile or Webapp)
  • Distribution of operating systems Android and iOS in comparison. The development of an app for communication and the costs of developing games are similar.
How much does an app program like Tinder cost?

The programming of an app costs from a few hundred dollars, up to tens of thousands of dollars. The huge price difference is directly related to the effort. The more complex an app the higher the programming time and thus the price. But sometimes programming does not take up most of the time, much more you must find new programming solutions to make the customer’s wish come true, to simplify navigation, to improve the user experience, or to reduce load times. Our team has the skill and experience to handle just such complex tasks. Since there is a lot of competition, the working time and the costs of the app programming are shortened for you.

Additional cost factors in the app development

As an informed client, you can on the one hand provide services that help to save costs. On the other hand, you should know and formulate your requirements as accurately as possible in order to get exactly the quality you need, but not to pay for services that unnecessarily drive up costs.

Consider the following considerations when thinking about programming an app or negotiating the price with a developer.

Wireframes: Much time and nerve are usually lost at the beginning of a project because it is unclear how the app should be structured exactly. We, therefore, recommend that you make the most precise possible specifications, preferably with so-called wireframes, i.e. very simple screens that describe the menus and the structure of the app. Use an app like Blueprint, with which you can not only design the app but also submit it to your app developer. The trouble for the wireframes is paid in the price negotiation with the developer tens of times.

Cost of image editing: if you want to show a lot of footage in the app, this will quickly lead to high additional costs. Due to the different resolutions, the graphics usually must be saved in several versions. Arrange with your developer the “app-ready” delivery of all graphics, if you have the capacity to do so.

Cost of App Testing: You can negotiate the price if you are willing to limit app testing to specific operating systems and devices. Is it of crucial importance that the app is perfect on all imaginable devices, or is 80% market coverage enough? The cost difference is significant.

Cost of uploading the app:

Setting an app in an Appstore is more complicated than the layman thinks. Especially for iOS apps, you must go through a lot of steps until the app is “in”. A daily rate is not uncommon for uploading to the App Store – also because it usually comes with a certain amount of advice on marketing, opportunities, updates, etc.

How do I recognize a reputable app development company?

Consultation: Listen to the ideas of the agency. Observe whether your conversation partner has already thought about your project. Check the truthfulness of his statements. What is the scope of the consultation? Is the initial consultation free?

Offer: The simpler an offer, the less you can hide in it. Stay away from page-long offers with hardly understandable texts. These offers usually contain unfavorable clauses for you.

Project plan: Does the agency help you to create a project plan?

Comparison: Compare not only the prices but also the content and scope. The cheapest deals are not always the best, nor are they the most expensive. Depend on the scope of offers.

Check company: How long does the company already exist, what success can the company book?

Development time: Developing an app can take a long time, but do not be misled. If you find the development time too long, compare it with other offers, because developing an app is no longer sorcery anymore.

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