How Will Android 11 Features Impact Your Mobile Application

Through adding new features and upgrading existing ones, Android 11 also has an impact on the process of mobile app growth. The article will help you appreciate the improvements that are worth noting and the beautiful facilities connected to Android 11. However, look quickly at some feature highlights of Android 11 before you turn to the intense technological impacts. 

For its nice features, flawless performance, supporting libraries, and creativity, Android has become more perceptible worldwide. Everyone takes a closer look at the developer’s new update, i.e. Android 11, which has identified the forthcoming and improvised Android 11 technological capabilities and libraries. Here are some of the capabilities and features of Android 11 that can impact your mobile application.

Android 11 Key Features

Chat bubble messaging

Chat Bubble previously was supposed to be a part of Android 10 but was not feasible then, which is why this new iteration of the feature was added. Android eleven. Chat Bubble encourages users to enter a discussion with a bubble and keep doing other tasks on the smartphone rather than on the chat page. 

The person who uses the notification screen will transform the chat into a chat bubble. An Android app development company can help you integrate the chat bubble messaging functionality within your app.

Security and privacy upgrades

Google has also launched various improvements to privacy and protection, from authorization to permit “One-time” from “When the app is used,” through this option for the system camera, microphone and location. This feature provides the program with a conditional permit to view the data for a single user session. 

Android 11 expanded the defense-in-depth strategies of Android to relatively more places than Android 10 and other platform iterations, thereby adding to protection and privacy for the user, along with authorization reach.

Inbuilt screen recorder

No more downloads and threats to your cell phones with a different program for screen capture. Android 11 has a built-in screen recorder, which is included in the device’s download menu and allows for quick capturing of the screen. 

Earlier, however, the functionality has been enhanced and built foolproof in this update, but even additional audio recording facilities had been introduced to make it more usable.

Enhanced functionality for granting permissions

Users typically ask the administrator for a grant of access to a range of tools including their camera, microphone, and position before they start the application. Given user data protection, a new feature, i.e. one-time authorization, was implemented by Android 11. 

If a user chooses such an alternative, during the ongoing usage of the client, the app accesses the services, thereby removing all access privileges. The other allowances work as normal.

Superior data security

Applications typically gather user information and are vulnerable to vulnerability for confidential information. Android 11 has made data encryption even more stringent with integrated security upgrades such as biometrics, hardware platform, safe storage, etc. 

The software developers are then expected to monitor their app for these updates to prevent crashes.

5G support

Support for the 5G network improves Android 11’s user interface and provides smoother and lower latency. 5G allows it possible for developers to seamlessly upload videos and to easily load high-resolution applications/games, encourages them to add new artistic elements which are often avoided due to network problems. An Android app development company can build 5G support in your Android app.

Reduced data redundancy

Android 11 also dealt with the problem of data redundancy for smartphones with one of the previous versions of Android. If two applications wanted the same data set before Android 11, they produced two different redundant versions, which meant additional memory and improved network loading. 

On the other hand, Android 11 encourages all apps to use the same data set instead of making a single copy. An Android app development company or any app development company that specializes in Android can help you in reducing data redundancy across your apps.

Enhanced image properties and camera improvements

Android 11 is equipped with a High-Performance Image Format (HEIF) storage facility that uses a loss compression strategy to minimize APK size by reducing the effect on the network. It is good for both the images and the animations to be shown. 

With the use of the recently implemented API, i.e NDK API, it is also possible for Android 11, rather than using an external library, to use the native graphical code for Image decoding/encoding. An Android app development company can help you in leveraging all the camera improvements in your mobile app running on Android 11.

Support for ML and Neural networks

Machine learning is the business controlling and remains here. In view of the fact that Android 11 has expanded the funding of machine learning-based applications. In addition to the NNAPI, Android 11 uses other useful APIs such as Quality APIs that allow the developers to create highly functioning master applications. In addition to this, Android 11 uses quality service APIs.

Seamless app compatibility testing

Software compatibility is one of the developers’ core issues that they expect to detect device behavioral changes. Android 11 streamlined the mechanism and made it much easier to track and test. 

The Android 11 enables the developer to control modifications as necessary, such as force-enabled changes and disabilities from the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). An Android app development company can help you in ensuring seamless app compatibility testing.


Although Android 11, the 18th Android update, is yet to be released, it is not a wise decision to make before the time has come. Before you start to work, you must ready the land. 

The Developer’s preview update generated a lot of consumer and developer interest and enthusiasm about Android 11. Users are now looking forward to a higher-performance, more mature framework that is required to respond to consumer demands and technologies. 

In order to achieve consistency, our Ace team is still working on the updates and is therefore still working on tactics to embed Android 11 in their future mobile app to improve its performance.

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