Learn Development of Android Apps with these 10 Brilliant Applications

The good news is that you don’t have to be chained to your desk to learn how to code, whether you have a coding expert knowing already or starting from scratch. 

What’s better is that you don’t have to master programming for years. With numerous Android and iOS coding applications, you can easily match your coding capability even on your way. We compile the best coding applications in this post to help you learn to code like a pro. An android app development company can help you in developing your very own learning app.


Encode is an Android framework providing lessons in bite segment programming. The software has problems in programming that you need to overcome to move forward. It provides realistic explanations and shows you how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python programming. Besides, the app has an offline mode, so even though you are not linked to the Internet, you can continue studying. A mobile app development company can help you in building an app like Encode.


In the area of web creation, smartphone app, and game development, Codemurai provides hundreds of bite coding courses. The software has HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, Angle 2, MongoDB, Node, React, and several other language tutorials. You will learn code with enjoyable coding exercises and then test your skills with tests. An Android app development company can help you in building a perfect Android app without learning.


SoloLearn is an app for iOS and Android smartphones and it has a web-based app to help you learn to code anywhere. The software provides a variety of language courses in JavaScript, Python, Java, etc. The software includes a free trial and monthly and annual billing schedules. An Android app development company can help you in building apps like SoloLearn.


Mimo is an application programming to learn the skills required to develop an application, a game, build a web site, or become a hacker. You will obtain a tailored course that will give you the requisite skills based on your expectations and interests. It is available for iOS as well as Android appliances and provides JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, C, C++, and other common languages courses.


Grasshopper is a free iOS and Android app that shows you how to encode javascript puzzles to advance. This software is very simple to use because it helps you to create a working code using blocks and structure them logically. You can get feedback and unlock your success in real-time. A mobile app development company can help you in learning coding by developing an app similar to Grasshopper.

Programming hub

The Google Play’s Choice Editor app has been named Programming Hub for a good cause. It supports a wide variety of languages and provides immersive lessons and courses in the style of bite. Java, C++, C programming, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more are also supported languages. Besides, in cooperation with Google experts, the app has been created. Both Android and iOS platforms are supported by the app.


Though Tynkr is mostly targeted at children and parents or teachers who want to continue education for their children and their students, you will learn a lot from this app. Initially, the software not only facilitates game creation but also supports robotics and advanced languages, such as JavaScript and Python. The app carries with it challenges assessments and even editors and development of character. The app for iOS devices is available. A mobile app development company can understand requirements and build the perfect app for you without going through the learning curve.

Programming hero

Programming Hero is an Android-only application that provides customizable platforms for coding. The aim of this application is on making coding enjoyable, and it teaches you how to develop your personal game while simultaneously learning how to code. The app also provides forums for chatting and sharing information and tips with other app users. A mobile app development company can help you quickly develop an app without experiencing the learning curve.

Enki app

Try the Enki framework if you want a tailored track to boost programming skills. Track your progress with Python, Linux, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, or Git. You can find it simple. The idea that you can set everyday targets to learn to program and chart your streak makes this application distinctive. Each lecture includes a description of the main everyday principle and a more detailed attachment. For iOS and Android devices, Enki is open.

Easy coder

A quick Coder is an Android software focused solely on Java programming. The app offers interactive tutorials, exercises and programming challenges step-by-step, which will allow you to improve your skills further and learn about basic programming concepts. Lessons are brief and succinct to consume them even when you are on the go and realistic explanations are given to explain the principle of programming. An Android app development company can help you in avoiding all the hassle of learning to code and can build any app for you.

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