Top Ways To Keep Your Android Phone Like Advanced Running

On a high-end smartphone, it’s disappointing to drop several hundred dollars just to discover that the smooth and speedy result you predicted remains elusive. Far more vulnerable to stuttering and lag are mid-rangers and the budget end of the business. There are different ways to speed up the efficiency of the Android, and you can do a few things to make it feel smoother. An Android app development company can help you in speeding up your Android device seamlessly.

Tips to Ensure the Smooth Operation of Your Android Phone

Disable/Uninstall unused apps

You don’t want to encourage applications that you never need to take up space and eventually eat into machine resources on your computer. Go to Setup > Applications, and swipe to the All tab. Look through the list for a good long time to find the apps you don’t like or need. It’s time to hit Google to check if you’re in doubt as to what either of them is doing. 

Tap any program you don’t like, then select Uninstall, or tap Disable if the alternative is not available for uninstallation. Disabled applications will be listed on a new tab, but if you change your mind, you can still trigger them again in the future. 

You can also take a peek at the Run tab in Settings > Applications. Some applications tend to run all the time, and efficiency can be severely impaired. Think about whether you need what’s described there carefully. An Android app development company can help you in identifying the apps that you can turn off/disable to enhance your device’s performance.

Reduce/Turn off animations

By reducing or switching off animations, you can easily make the Android device feel more snappy and quick. In order to do this, you would need to allow the Developer options. Go to Settings > Phone and scroll down to the Device section to check for the Build Number option. Tap on it seven times, and a note about becoming a developer can be seen. 

You will now go back to the previous menu and see the Developer options in the Device portion. Go in there and scroll down to see the scale of window animation, the scale of transition animation, and the period scale of the animator. In turn, tap each one and set it to .5x or off. If you don’t like just going back in and modifying the principles again, pick an alternative and figure out what suits you.

Clear App Caches

Cached app data can make apps load quicker, but cache memory will build up over time and take up a lot of space and with applications that you no longer need, there might be loads of cached data in there. Clearing cached data for an app will also help to clean up nonconsistent app behavior. 

If you choose to choose individual applications, go to Settings > Apps and press the All tab, tap the appropriate program, then select Transparent List. If you have chosen to clear the whole lot, go to Settings > Storage and tap Cached Files, then tap OK.

Turn off/reduce auto-sync

Most of us connect to our Android devices a list of numerous accounts and we encourage sync in the background automatically to fetch new data and provide us with updates. All this synchronization takes a huge toll on battery life and hinders the efficient operation of the Android devices.

Under Accounts, you could go to Settings and find Auto-sync and just turn it off entirely, but most users would find it too dramatic. Instead, why not just decrease the sync frequency and delete any accounts that you really don’t need? You’ll need to open the app to find the settings to minimize the sync frequency for a number of users, such as Facebook.

Wipe cache partition

The partition of the cache is separate from the cache of your app data and includes temporary files. Cleaning this out every once a while is worth it. To do so, you’ll have to boot into your device’s Recovery Mode. Depending on the computer, the method of entering recovery mode varies, but with a fast Google search, you can find it quickly. 

You use the volume key to navigate and the control key to pick an object until you are in recovery mode. You’ll want to select a partition to clear the cache. An Android app development company can help you in wiping the cache partition of your android device.

Change the launcher

Any of the improvements that OEMs make to their machines can be heavy-handed. If you want to adjust the feeling of moving around and tweak those settings to make it feel quicker, then you can notice that the trick is handled by a third-party launcher. 

Try the Nova Launcher, the Go Launcher EX, or the Apex Launcher, for example. Experiment with the settings and you should find that it feels much smoother on your computer. An Android app development company can help you choose a launcher that speeds up the device performance.

Install a custom ROM (requires root access)

Simply Rooting does not immediately bring any performance enhancements for your Android smartphone, but a custom ROM can help in this regard drastically. Custom ROMs also help in updating legacy Android devices that do not have software support.

You will also find custom ROMs that do not have any sort of bloatware and offer some unique modifications and power-user tweaks. To find the best custom ROM for your device, you’ll need to do some detailed analysis. An Android app development company can help you in installing custom ROMs on your Android device.

Ensure that your device has the latest software updates

There will be bug fixes and general updates in the new software and that will allow the Android device to work smoother and snappier. App updates appear to come from OTA (Over The Air) and you should be prompted to install them immediately, but testing doesn’t hurt. Go to Settings > System info > Upgrade and search for notifications. For games, the same principle holds, so launch the Play Store, open the left hamburger menu, and select My Apps to ensure that all the apps you use are up-to-date.

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