Top Best WooCommerce Ecommerce Themes For WordPress

When opening an online shop, there’s a lot to remember. It can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor to get a company up and running. To make the process simpler, you might want to look at the best free WooCommerce themes for this purpose.

When you introduce your new site and brand, a free theme will help you keep on budget. Plus, you’ll have access to the core functionality that your store requires to excel in it’s compliant with WooCommerce. An eCommerce web development company can pick the best store theme for your business.

We’ll talk about must-have features for a quality WordPress theme built by WordPress website development company from WooCommerce in this article. We’re going to post our top ten picks then. Let’s get there!

Top WooCommerce Themes For WordPress

Not all WordPress themes provide full support and pre-styled models for WooCommerce. If a theme does not support WooCommerce, therefore all the addons and plugins available will not be allowed. WordPress WooCommerce themes, however, allow you to develop an eCommerce shop and sell your items.

You can conveniently use WooCommerce plugins for these themes to create a strong business shop. We will share some of the best WooCommerce WordPress themes you can use in this post. An eCommerce web development company can integrate all these themes for your WooCommerce store.


Astra is one of the WordPress Theme Directory’s most common multipurpose solutions. For its minimalist style and excellent results, it is well recognized. Customization-wise, for you to personalize, Astra offers a relatively blank slate. It combines well with numerous page builders, including Beaver Creator and Elementor. In addition, several starter models, including some designed with eCommerce in mind, come with it. A WordPress website development company can integrate the Astra theme for your eCommerce store.

Neve Shop

First up, the very own Neve of ours. All the page templates you need for a top-notch WooCommerce store are available on its free Shop Starter platform. We’ve also built it, as you can see from the test results below, to be one of the fastest themes on the market. In addition, all our themes, including Elementor, Beaver Creator, and more, are compatible with the most common page builders. A WordPress website development company can integrate the Neve Shop theme in your online store.


A multipurpose style, too, is OceanWP. It’s also known for matching incredibly well with WooCommerce, though. It actually has many native eCommerce features, such as a pop-up of a cart, a floating add-to-cart bar, and quick view displays of the items. In addition, it combines with a long list (including Elementor and Beaver Builder) of page builders. While most of the demonstrations from OceanWP need a premium license, 13 are available free of charge, one of which is for online retailers. An eCommerce web development company can integrate the OceanWP theme for your online store.


Possibly one of the best-known free WordPress WooCommerce themes, Storefront is a common alternative. It helps that the same team behind WooCommerce created it. You could not find a better theme in terms of compatibility, providing “deep convergence” with WooCommerce and its extensions. It holds up performance-wise, but relative to the other multipurpose themes we’ve highlighted, it’s a little lacking in customization options. A WordPress website development company can perfectly deploy the storefront theme for your online store.

Hestia Lite

Our Hestia Lite theme is another quality choice, just as common according to the WordPress Theme Directory’s numbers. For online retailers looking for a boost when it comes to architecture, we’ve built our eCommerce starting site. Hestia Lite, however, also conveniently combines with several page builders and provides our distinctive Customizer options. A WordPress website development company can help you in getting the Hestia Lite theme for your eCommerce portal.


Another multipurpose style that suits well for use in online retailers is Zakra. To help you get started with the creation of your platform, it contains numerous eCommerce demonstrations. For quick customization, it also combines with Elementor. While it does not have as many features related to WooCommerce as several of the other themes on this list, it is well-optimized for quick loading times. An eCommerce web development company can integrate the Zakra theme for your business.

Rife free

Rife Free is developed specifically for photography and portfolio pages. However, as you introduce its WooCommerce shop demo, it provides WooCommerce integration and its image galleries turn smoothly to featured product listings. Elementor is also compliant with this theme and provides hundreds of exclusive choices for the Customizer. To reflect the brand name of your online store, you can conveniently personalize the demonstrations.


For WooCommerce pages, we simply think multipurpose themes are excellent. There is something to be said, though, about using a style exclusively designed for online retailers. The ShoppingCart contains several widgets for eCommerce and front page parts that can be personalized through the Customizer. Although page builder integration is not one of its features, for quick customization, it uses its own system of ‘components’.

Zigcy Lite

This WooCommerce WordPress style based on Customizer is a chock-full of functionality for eCommerce. With all of WooCommerce ‘s settings as well as various shop page templates, Zigcy Lite provides deep integration. To get you started, it also includes three demos. Performance-wise, for this section, it’s on the slow end of the themes we’ve picked, but still good. An eCommerce web development company can integrate the Zigcy Lite theme for your online store.


The final entry features a calming minimalist style and strong integration with WooCommerce on our list of free WooCommerce WordPress themes. Leto is translation-ready, too, for global sales. This theme depends on no samples or starter models being offered by the Customizer for customization. Its style, however, is rather uniformly appealing.


This article lists most of the top WooCommerce themes for your online store. It is suggested that you deploy the theme that perfectly meets your requirements. You can choose any one of the above-listed themes and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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