What Are The Most Useful Hidden Features of Android?

The android operating system is the first choice of every business and people. But do you ever tried to find the real-time reasons behind such kind of preferences? Why do businesses across different verticals like to include the app based on android OS? How does it lead to a smooth system for the management whole business? 

If you are also trying to have the answer to these queries, you may just have a look at the blog that we have shared right now. Realizing the importance of the android app is the first aspect that you should follow. Since people use it to serve their purpose but who does it work is the most crucial thing. The app developed by the Best Mobile Application Development Companies gain popularity within a short span without much effort. However, why such kind of thing is happening? 

You must evaluate such aspects so that you may come up with a substantial kind of decision. The proper system within the company can help you get a result-driven platform. This is a fact and hence business specific application has become popular. The android app can help you improve your sales and revenue ratio for your business system. Further, the app also lets you get the benefits for the promotion of the products and services which is important for the business. 

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Why The Android App is Important?

Android operating system offers a systematic app that allows users to serve their purses quite easily. You need to analyze the basic aspects that may help you get the proper information about android. It consists of various features and options that create the application easy to use for all users. 

This is why; android OS has become the most important aspect for businesses and common folks. Android app development company India focuses on building the app innovative with features. The app allows business to handle their system through a streamlined strategy. Apart from these app creates a platform to boost customer convenience which is important for the growth aspect. 

Having the app with the right set of features can help you for the proper growth of the system. Such kind of thing is necessary for the solutions aspect that you may experience over time. You may also explore the android app as much as possible to analyze the way of utilizing the android app through the required system.

Guest Mode: 

This is the feature that you can avail of while using the android app. It allows you to have the system through which you share your phone with someone else even in a protected way. Such a feature enables you to create guest profiles. Since the efficient features are always helpful in terms of letting you get the benefits that you wish for.

The one thing you need to carry on is you have to access the quick settings and tap on the user profile. Later, you will need to include the guest profile for the further utilization of such a feature in android. 

Snooze Notifications:

It is the kind of features that remind you about the specific notification that you have not gone through. Further, you may receive some of the most important notifications but due to your busy schedules, you may end up simply with no response. Therefore, you may choose the snooze notification feature to let you have the platform for managing such an aspect with no hassles. 

You will require accessing the setting and click on the option notification. Thereafter, you have to just enable the notification for snoozing. 

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Show Emergency Info:  

You can find it as one of the most helpful notifications that you get while using the android app. It let you have the emergency info that you make you aware of the situation. 

Sometimes, you are likely to fall into trouble but such a feature can help you escape from any unexpected scenario.  

Therefore, you can get easy ways to overcome the issues if you find it necessary. You simply need to reach the settings and select the option about the phone. Apart from these, this specific feature would help you conclude what you need to share if any emergency case arises with you. 

Adjusting The Quick Settings Panel:

If you know how to use different features available on your android, you can use the Adjusting the Quick Settings panel. It would help you save you time that you take when you access the settings again and again. It serves as the quick setting factor. It is always available on the downside of the screen. 

You will require editing the bottom left of the screen. Later you simply need to touch and hold the setting option to move it as per your desire. Apart from these, you may add settings by dragging it up where you want to be. 

Focus Mode: 

Further, the availability of the focus mode serves as part of the Android Digital Wellbeing campaign. It is helpful; in terms of enabling you to maintain a healthier life. This feature of the mobile app lets you hold the app as per your requirements. 

However, you may also set your schedule if required. Focus Mode lets you manage your days without any external interruptions that are likely to occur while spending quality time with your family.

App Shortcuts: 

It allows you to include the shortcuts to the specific apps available on your screen. Such an aspect enables you to handle your app in an organized way. You can see that all apps do not have shortcuts. 

Therefore you may follow some of the steps to add the shortcuts as per your needs. You will need to touch the shortcuts and place them where you need them.

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Final Words:

Androids have these features that exist in a hidden way. You may find several benefits by using these from time-to- to time. The operating system android provides users with a lot of aspects to help them serve their purposes quite easily. The proper system can help you manage your personal as well as business needs with troubles.  

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