Why Should Businesses Care about Flutter 1.22 Version Update?

The best cross-platform application system to choose from in 2020 is, of course, flutter website development. Flutter makes it easier for start-ups to view the powerful smartphone app without spending unnecessary time in the initiative and the burning pit. 

Flutter’s new version is the true deal for Dart-built scalable projects and applications. On iOS, Linux, and mobile apps Dart programming can be introduced. A flutter app development company in India can help you in keeping up to date with the latest trends.

The Flutter 1.22 Update

The new Flutter 1.22 is online, iOS 14 and Android 11 are supported. It expands on an earlier release basis, helping developers to encounter quicker and beautiful users with a single code base on diverse platforms. The Flutter launches the new characteristics and results per quarter and fixes bugs for general development. 

The newest Flutter update guarantees the best possible operating environments for Android 11 and iOS 14 and includes all our comprehensive tests. The group of Flutter also offers new tools to dissect device size to ensure that the plugins only fit the specific framework you use.

iOS Updates

Access native symbols in iOS 14

This ensures there will be a smooth experience between your application and an iOS native for someone using your Flutter-made application on their iPhone or iPad. A flutter app development company in India can help you develop the latest iOS apps that meet the latest trends.

Build app clips with flutter

In WWDC 2020, the tech giant had no device installation experience. The software clips are a feature of your application that can be discovered if necessary. Users will begin and complete the app in a matter of seconds from ordering food to renting a taxi. 

The likelihood of using this function through a number of fields such as banking, culture, tourism, etc. makes it one of the key reasons why you should use Flutter to determine the importance of the application growth.

Android 11 Updates

Support for Android notches

Flutter architecture encourages the exposure of protected insets, notches, and borders on the waterfall displays of new smartphones in Android cut-off. In the case of native applications running in the unobstructed system area, you can then reproduce an interactive feature or user interface using the SDK.

Animation alignment

There are a longstanding issue and a void in the Flutter UI where the device keyboard’s view and hide animation isn’t synced with native Android components. Android 11 fixed this issue. A flutter app development company in India can help you build high-quality Android apps that leverage the latest flutter algorithms.

Other Support Features

Localization & internalization support

Internalization and localization assistance is also a feature that is ready to help Flutter for companies. There are also well-known advantages in increasing mobile app conversion by localization, with 1.22 edition being one of the key advantages of flutter app creation for the market. 

The new update would no longer allow flutter app developers to wait until they have added a localization function to make the app internalization simple right at the development stage through hot reloading.

Android state restoration 

Let us first let you know a brief on what Android state restoring entails to truly understand the necessity of this update and why it is an explicit justification to invest in your Flutter app for your company. A flutter app development company in India can help you in developing apps with Android state restoration.

Mobile operating systems tend to destroy the software running behind them to retrieve the energy for primary applications. The OS now informs the user that the program is to be destroyed and at the same time notifies applications that all UI states need to be saved immediately to be revived as users return to the app.


Flutter 1.22 is the quarterly stable UI System Update to create multiple platform user interface using a single codebase. Xcode 12 and the updated iOS 14 icon with a snippet from a related part of the app are enabled at the current Flutter update. In Flutter for iOS 14, there are few changes and bug fixes.

When done properly, it gives the consumers an uncompromising experience. But, as any Flutter software production firm would tell you, Flutter did not have assistance. With the upgrade version 1.22, a provision for all Android apps has been built for the process.

Although these are the key advantages for app providers, the advantages for users are much wider. Altogether, Version 1.22 is a definite step in making the SDK a forum for planning cross-cutting. 

We will highly encourage you to employ Flutter developers and take note that your software is seamless in the native functions of operating systems, as well as with the new versions of both iOS and Android platforms.

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