Essential Features to Your Perfect Reading App

Nothing is left untouched with ongoing rapid technology advances in almost every sphere of life, and printed paper is no exception. EBooks are losing ground to paper books. EBooks are currently the go-to medium for how they are organised, viewed, and transmitted as the available information explodes. Therefore, it is no surprise that there is an uptick in apps for eBook reading.

All is easy if you’re a reader: pick the app you really want, uninstall it, and drop it into your books. But the job is more complicated if you wish to have these fun mobile platforms. You have to work out how a reading application can be developed and what features are essential for those programmes. Here are some of the essential features of a perfect reading app that can be easily integrated by a mobile app development company in India.

Essential Features of a Perfect Reading App

A robust collection of books

The experience of the eBook reading app begins and is always anchored in the listing of books. It is important to have a great way of listing books that are available, both downloaded and ready to read, as well as those that can be purchased. A mobile app development company in India can help you secure a huge collection of books for your reading app.

In addition to the usual genre-based categorization such as non-fiction, romance, historical, professional, and so on, the status is expected of different books such as in-progress or completed, and even sorting based on length or ratings, or other mechanisms to segregate titles.

An expansive format support

Various formats such as EPUB, MOBI, PDF, TXT files, Word papers, and even encrypted eBooks such as those with Adobe DRM are supported by the reader apps. Different factors have contributed to their acceptance, some because of the features they offer, some because common sites support and encourage them.

The truth remains, however, that consumers can have several eBooks covering different formats. Therefore, embracing as many formats as possible makes complete sense. A mobile app development company in India can build a reading app that has expansive support for various formats.

Ability to sync books

For fast and offline access, it is almost a given that a modern eBook Reader app would store an eBook locally on the computer. Such eBooks will be issued directly by the customer much of the time. A mobile app development company in India can build functionality in your reading app to enable seamless syncing.

However, if added to the library of your software, saving them to a cloud backup mechanism would allow the user to clear the local cache of their computer without thinking about their beloved eBooks’ status. Where requested, they would simply be available on demand.

Reader centric interface

A well-designed, intuitive user interface of reading using the app itself is the next component that makes a good eBook Reader app. To make for a better experience, the interface needs to be thought out and planned.

Every little detail assists. Many common-use experiences are based on the understanding of reading paper books in the real world. There have been several developments focused on the platform’s functionality at the same time.

Integration of reading essentials

The next task is to accentuate it with instruments and facilities that make it pleasurable, now that the reader is engaged in a wonderful reading experience. With normal and even planned resources such as bookmarking, an in-built dictionary, the ability to append notes to chosen text, and the like, this can be accomplished.

A natural improvement of this is to incorporate functionality such as the option to label some parts as favourites and to external apps select-and-quote text. A mobile app development company in India can integrate all the reading essentials in your reading app.

Social Media integration

Eventually, the ubiquity of social experiences with all we do as people must be understood by all applications. A mobile app development company in India can integrate social media in your reading app and enhance the experience that it delivers to your users.

Traditionally, new media integration applications have made it possible to do it with strangers around the world, where books were always loaned as recommended reading, or people came together to read a book together and discuss it.

An interactive experience

Very few apps are devoid of any type or level of gamification these days. There are several activities that can be used to provide consumers with an active, gamified interface and eBook reading applications are not unchanged.

Standard attributes include features such as badges or patches, ranks, streaks, and more, often accompanied by prizes. Specific tasks specific to reading eBooks, such as the pace of reading, are also used to allow these activities.

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