Essential Tips: For Writing A Mobile RFP for Responsive Web & Apps


Having a business platform laced with responsive Apps & web, is the driving force in cut-thorat competition. It depends on you —how critically you take it ?No matter you come up with an idea to upgrade existing software or app development project ;you always want to have Mobile RFP for web and apps development, so that your stakeholders,suppliers have a better understanding of your proposal.

Drafting a business proposal is an art, and Mobile RFP is no exception either.The more engaging and informative your RFP –the more chances of procurement of products & services. So maximize your stake with an excellent RFP. 

What is RFP ( Request For Proposal) ?


It is a preliminary note you pitch to clients as a (web & mobile) app development firm.

RPF clearly communicate your business agendas, vendor selection, desired functionality and project deadlines. 

Bit -by-bit it should be concise yet covering web and mobile app development aspects. Again, RPF must create interest among stakeholders for business prospects otherwise it may ‘bites the dust’.It is to be drafted in way to make business feasible & accessible.

Key aspects of Mobile RFP :

  • Goals 
  • Functionalities
  • Budget
  • Questions
  • Research


At Maxtra Technologies, we have designed mobile RFP which makes us an expertise in this segment.We cater to –proper strategic consulting & product enhancement services. 

Let’s know what Mobile app RFP include ? 


  •  A summary of the organization, business case and key specifications of the responsive web & apps

  2.Company’s Overview

  • What is the motto of the company( what they are upto)?
  • What sort of products or services company entails ?
  • What sort of the market(s) it operate in ?
  • Whom they have rendered products & services (stakeholders/ leadership)?

  3.Project Outlines

  •   A detailed analysis of the project to provide a thorough understanding of the  required solution .

   4.Description of core business, or customer plan ,the mobile solution intends to address

  •  Primary objective of the business
  •  Vision & Mission of the company
  •  Past achievements and subsequent goals for –three months, six months and a year
  •  Set the standards to measure destined business goals 


 #Elaboration till core understanding of the execution

What kind of functionality is the app to perform ?

What are the essential features of the required functionality?

 A must-have clickable app prototype

 Illustration of journeys,wireframes,and mock up sessions with solutions


    #What platforms will the solution based on ?

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web
  • Other

Smartphones,these days are not just necessity, but an essential component of our daily life.  Indeed, it is unimaginable to think life without it. All such factors make mobile app market growing by- leaps and bounds. 

That is why, mobile app development is emerged as the business derivative bringing  guaranteed success in smartphone enriched society. This makes responsive web and mobile apps (an essential medium) to pitch services to stakeholders. It further necessitates a well-documented Mobile RFP. 




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