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The healthcare sector driven by healthcare app development company India is changing at a blinding pace. What was once a conventional business that operated around a variety of rounds of doctor and patient meetings, which had often led to a very low optimistic mood until now, when telemedicine had rendered a doctor’s patient relationship in real-time and without geographical constraints. 

A while back, we discussed the Healthcare developments that will control 2020, and now that we’re getting ready to launch a new year, it’s only fitting to look at where the Healthcare sector is going in terms of technology. In this post, we will have a look at the top drivers of trending apps in the healthcare industry.

Trends in the healthcare industry

Leveraging Big Data analytics

Researchers also found that the use of Big Data in the healthcare sector would accelerate to $34.27 billion by the time we hit 2022, making it a significant development in mobile healthcare. A healthcare app development India can make it easy for you to build effective apps that leverage Big Data analytics.

Although now widely used in the EHR sector, there is a range of healthcare areas that will benefit tremendously from Big Data in 2020 and beyond, making Big Data Technology Healthcare the most technology-oriented.

Telemedicine has gained prominence

Although telemedicine has now tremendously revolutionised the healthcare sector by bridging the distance between the patient and their physicians/caregivers, acceptance can only escalate past its current rate. This makes it a big part of Healthcare Developments 2020-2021 and a central technology affecting home health care. 

As per the developments in telehealth, a variety of new entrants can see the service that is considered to minimise the total expense of the hospital structure. The application of this technology in healthcare would all seek to provide real-time connectivity for patients and doctors in a manner that avoids the outbreak of a medical emergency.

Artificial Intelligence-driven apps

AI is shifting our vision for modern-day healthcare delivery. The ability of technology deployed by a healthcare app development company India to transform the market has put it on the list as one of the leading trends in health apps for the period 2020-2021. 

It is a series of many innovations that allow machines to interpret, understand, learn and behave like humans to the degree that they are prepared to perform a variety of clinical and administrative functions in healthcare. With the number of healthcare-based AI deals rising from 20 in 2012 to 100 by mid-2018, the increase in acceptance can already be seen as growing – a sign of profitable technologies and a combination of healthcare.


IoT Healthcare Industry is set to be $158.07 billion by 2022. An estimate that has expanded the number of IoT-based products to a significant degree on a global scale, rendering IoT an important part of Healthcare developments for the period 2019-2020. Healthcare app development company India can build high-quality healthcare apps by leveraging the latest trends in the IoT domain.

There are a number of reasons why mHealth innovations require IoT innovation in the industry. Reasons ranging from Data translation to policy, Enhancement of Public Wellbeing, Encouragement of Preventive Treatment, Improving Patient Involvement and Retention, and Advancement of Care Management.

Leveraging the AR/VR industry

Technology and health services have gone a long way. Augmented Reality and Augmented Reality services have also been one of the main contributors to the mobile health app. Healthcare-based AR and VR are expected to become a $5.1 billion business by the time we hit 2025. 

Although the time is still too long, the effect of AR/VR in the area of health care is already visible in several areas. The effect that AR/VR has shown on Healthcare and the promise that it puts together make Healthcare the most commonly used case in the AR/VR industry.

Voice integration

Voice technology has a role in a variety of healthcare industries. From helping end-users choose the correct doctor in their proximity and helping physicians and giving them a step-by-step checklist of the whole operation, voice technology devices such as Alexa and Google Homes have found a place in a variety of hospitals and clinics. 

Although speech technology is transforming the way patients and clinicians adapt to medication, on the one hand, voice-based analysis is changing how individual physicians and hospitals sell their services around the world. Healthcare app development company India can connect you with the right voice integration platform to ensure a high-quality user experience for your patients.


Here are some of the trends that will prevail in the healthcare app industry in the year 2021. Tell us in the comments what you think about these industry trends and what according to you will drive the industry in the future as well. 

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