What Are The Benefits Of The Email Marketing Funnel?

E-mail marketing funnels can prove to be the crucial point in ensuring whether sales will go through successfully, or not. For small businesses especially, deciding whether to spend their marketing budget for maximizing ROI can be a crucial affair. Generating and managing leads, implementing customer acquisition tactics, generating high returns for your business, all come down to implementing the right strategies.

An e-mail marketing funnel is one such tactic deployed by small and big businesses alike that facilitates seamless conversions. Although the e-mail marketing service has been around for some time, it is only now businesses are increasingly relying on Digital Marketing Agency in India to propagate e-mail marketing and reaping the maximum ROI on their marketing investments.

In this post, we will be looking at 9 benefits of an e-mail marketing funnel.

Benefits Of An Email Marketing Funnel

Even with the rise of social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., e-mail marketing is still one of the best ways of getting the word out there for brands. We will now look at 9 benefits that deploying an email marketing funnel for your business entails.

  • Drive Higher Conversions: An Email marketing service has been proven to drive a higher conversion rate than other methods such as Social Media. McKinsey & Company, in a recent report, concluded that e-mails drive up to 3 times higher conversions than Social Media posts. A Digital Marketing Agency in India can craft attractive e-mails for your business with clearly defined CTA’s that drive effortless conversions and tremendously enhances your marketing investments.
  • It is Highly Cost Effective: An Email marketing service is not only cost-effective but also requires minimal effort in developing the right content. According to a report submitted by DBS data, businesses that deploy a robust email marketing service, usually witness a return of $38 per $1 spent on marketing. A reliable Digital Marketing agency in India can provide you with a reliable Email marketing service that requires very little investment and enhances the conversion rate for your business.
  • It Can Increase Your Website’s Traffic: A well-designed Email marketing funnel developed by a reliable Digital Marketing Agency in India can drive higher traffic to your brand’s or company’s website. A well-thought-out email has well-defined CTA’s with brand identifiable information attached so users can simply click on a link and be redirected to your website. A reliable email marketing service provider can put highlighted CTA’s in your outreach email to motivate the user to make the click.
  • It Allows Easy ROI Measurability: Like with almost all Digital Marketing measures, an email marketing service can easily measure and quantify the impact of each email that you send out. You can get a brief overview regarding how many inboxes did your email reach, how many people opened it, and how many read it entirely. This data can prove to be critical when designing a well-thought-out marketing strategy for your brand.
  • It Can Help In Building Customer Relationships: Customers want to do business with brands and companies that they can trust and believe in, and email marketing can suit the bill perfectly in building this trust. A Digital Marketing Agency in India can develop informational emails that prove to be beneficial for your customers. An email marketing service can design an email that is brimming with information and acts as a source of knowledge for your customer.
  • It Allows a High Level Of Personalization: The beauty of email marketing is the fact that it can be highly personalized. This can be made possible by analyzing the dynamics of the customers and devising messages that meet their requirements. A Digital Marketing Agency in India can develop custom emails for specific customers that allow maximum conversions. A customer is more likely to respond or make a purchase if they believe that the email was crafted specifically for them.
  • Eliminates The Need for Advertisement: Email marketing directly reaches your customer’s mailbox, drastically reducing the efforts it may require to reach the customer through other channels. If a part of your marketing content has performed well on Social Media, you can use that same content in your mail and reach out to new prospects. This can drastically reduce the efforts in facilitating conversions and ensuring maximum ROI.
  • Helps In Content Optimization: With real-time engagement metrics available at your disposal, you can get a brief idea regarding what type of content resonates with your audience and what to improve upon. If you stumble upon content that generates a high click-through rate and reading ratio, you can develop similar content in the future as well that can positively affect your marketing endeavors.
  • It’s a Relatively Easy Marketing Approach: An Email marketing funnel is easy to setup. It takes minimal effort to source your customer’s email IDs and develops that crafty mail. If you think that this is too much for you, an email marketing service provider can help you greatly in these regards. You can also choose from a variety of pre-defined email templates that best resonate with your brand and kickstart email marketing right away!

Deploying a well-thought-out email marketing funnel can prove to be a great marketing step for your business. It is not only cost-effective, but the various benefits that it has over any conventional marketing approach can prove to be a boon for small as well as big businesses alike.


As is evident from the above list, email marketing is here to stay is gaining enormous traction in these connected times. This marketing tactic allows businesses and brands to reach a larger audience base and communicate with their customers effectively. If you want to develop an Email marketing funnel for your business, a Digital Marketing Agency in India can prove to be your best bet!

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